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Ski Jumping
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: sport=ski_jumping

Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2014-03-30
RFC start: 2014-03-30, then 2018-02-10

Notice: The content of this proposal has been copied to piste:type=ski_jump and the other relevant tag pages, since this proposal is already in widespread use and this proposal has not moved forward in a long time.

Proposed value

Intent: To mark the location of ski-jumping facilities. Ususally it is a good point for orientation in country.

Wikipedia: [1]

There was a former proposal using sport=ski_jump_take_off, see the discussion page Talk:Proposed_features/Ski_Jumping.



For the actual way on the take-off (this is why the piste:type tag is here, and keep it simple, no take_off, no in_run).

The landing zone, possibly as a single way or a closed way with area=yes. This allow an orthogonal leisure= or landuse= to be mapped for summer.

For the facility structure itself. If the structure deserves it, building=yes.

Denote the type of sport activity performed. Add this tag on the above elements to show that ski jumping can be exercised here. sport=* is a non-physical tag.

Could be K90, K120, ... depending on type. This tag should be added on the edge of the jump. If unknown, use takeoff=yes.

Can be used on the areas used by jumpers.

Can of course be used if a real stadium surround the facility.

Tag usage



A discussion took place on the tagging mailing list: January 2014