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Proposed features/sea_bath
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Johan Jönsson
Tagging: leisure=sea_bath
Applies to: node area
Definition: an outdoor location to bathe at wikipedia:Sea bathing

Draft started: 2012-03-17
RFC start: 2012-03-18


Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
leisure sea_bath node area bathing spot at the sea  
leisure river_bath node area bathing spot at a river  
leisure lake_bath node area bathing spot at a lake  


To mark different outdoor locations to bathe at, the whole activity area with water, beach, piers and buildings and also lawns or shaded park-like areas that are a part of the bath location. It is meant for all sizes of outdoor bath, from small for only a handful of people to really big tourist-filled beaches. The different values are for different bodies of water; sea, lake or river. There are more kinds of location of bath with their own tags, see below. Supposed to replace the tagging scheme in use today:

( I prefer a separate tag for marking a bathing spot, and a sport-tag doesn´t really catch it.)

An alternative could have been leisure=beach (but there are places without a beach that I want to map as a bathing spot and places with both beach and pier)

There is already a leisure=beach_resort that should be used for the organized beaches in the seaside resorts.


in red: Big Askimsbadet to the right and small Marholmen to the left

At Askimsbadet in Göteborg, there are two examples:

  1. Askimsbadet is a rather big facility with large lawns, cafeteria and supervisors.
  2. Across the very shallow bay there is a small bathing spot, also maintained by the city, called Marholmen. It isn´t more than two piers and some warm rocks to sunbathe at.

Both of these areas I want to tag leisure=sea_bath.

Current tagging alternatives:

  • Askimsbadet could as well be tagged as a park or some kind of recreation ground with a beach. Even though it can´t be compared to mediterranean resorts, in a swedish context this could be a leisure=beach_resort. (Today it is a node with leisure=beach)
  • Marholmen doesn´t really fit any current tag (not even leisure=beach as it is a pier), so leisure=sea_bath would be aggod way of tagging it as a bathing spot.


To be used on an area that is the site of the outdoor bathing spot. (or in the beginning only as a node until the area is known)

The area contains both land and water area.

Other amenities and stuff is mapped inside the area as usual.

Supplementary tags are needed to discern between all the different kinds of baths and what you can do at them. e.g. the tag "access=" should give more information if this is a closed facility only for elite swimmers or a public bath.

Additional Attributes

Tag Description
name=* The name of the bathing spot
source=* Where you got the data.

ACCESS access=public/private

FEE Key:fee fee=yes/no/08:00-20:00

OPENING HOURS Key:opening_hours opening_hours=24/7 sunrise-sunset 08:00-20:00

SUPERVISED Proposed features/supervised supervised= yes / no /08:00-20:00 or is it supervised:hours=08:00-20:00

SEASON Key:seasonal seasonal=yes seasonal=May-Oct or maybe opening_hours=May-Oct


Same rendering for all outdoor bath, the immersed human, as depicted on this swedish roadsign 1 9 2 24.svg

Other features affected

As this proposal only covers some of the existing locations of baths, here is a short list of the other kinds: outdoor categorized according to the body of water


These are of course rather coarse tags, and refinement should be done on each of them.


Please leave comments on the discussion page.