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This page exists so we can try to organise transport links from and to the airports to the conference. Please add your username, arrival or departure time and date, and flight number.

SNN (Shannon airport)



DUB (Dublin airport)

Please remember that anybody coming through Dublin is invited to the Pre-SotM Dublin Convoy Gathering

Coach timetable (one-way coach ride is around €9, €10 return promotional fares available; 3 hours 40 min to Limerick)

Frederik Ramm has a car available. Will leave Dublin airport around 18:00 on Friday, and leave Limerick around 7:30 on Monday. Please E-Mail beforehand.

Ivansanchez is in
Dair Grant is in
Steve Chilton is in
Mario (Fred's GSoC student) is in
Update: I have upgraded to a 7-seater so there' still one or two places available!

Dermot McNally has a car available. Will leave Dublin 15 (Blanchardstown) around 18:00 on Friday, and leave Limerick on Sunday evening (possibly taking a long route to do some mapping in County Clare. Please E-Mail beforehand.



Dublin to Limerick Train

Some people are taking a train from Dublin to Limerick

Train timetable (Advance tickets from €27, online booking starts June 13th; 2 hours 30 min)

OSM convoy train on July 11:

Dublin Heuston 15:25 (ticket says: arrive 20 minutes early and take your reserved seats!)
Limerick       17:51

Jochen Topf has booked on this train for the following people:

  • Tickets for Jochen Topf, Torsten Rahn, Jens-Michael Hoffmann, OJW
  • Reservations for Grant Slater and Daniel Glassey

We have reserved seats on the front of carriage A: A09, A10, A13, A14, A12, A16 There are many other seats in that area still available. So if you are on that train also, just try to get a seat next to us.

ORK (Cork airport)



Transport within Limerick