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A clinic is a medical centre, with more staff than a doctor's office, that does not admit inpatients. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: health
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amenity=clinic is a medical centre, with more staff than a doctor's office, that does not admit inpatients. Typical clinic is a medical centres with 10 or more of doctors, nurses and associated staff. Clinics offer outpatient care, diagnosis, radiology, treatment, and sometimes urgent care. Admission of inpatients is not provided.

Some mappers use this tag for any "clinic" which is an institution where a specific, specialised branch of medicine is practised (i.e. a clinic that practises only orthopædics). However, this would only be considered correct if it falls under the above criteria. Otherwise, see amenity=doctors or an appropriate value of healthcare=* instead.

How to map

Set a node at the center of the clinic or draw an area along its outline.

Tag it with amenity=clinic and name=*.

See healthcare:speciality=* to specify the speciality or specialties of the doctors or medical practitioners.

When tagging, you may wish to consider using amenity=doctors instead if the practice is small, with perhaps only 1 to 10 staff.

Also consider amenity=hospital if the facility is including inpatient care.

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