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A building used as a bridge. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Buildings
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A building used as a bridge (skyway on Wikipedia). Can also represent a gatehouse for drawbridges. building=bridge is a special case of man_made=bridge and inherits all properties of the latter.

When not to use

Do not use this tag just for marking bridges (their outlines). For such purposes use man_made=bridge.

Do not use this tag when the buildings are built merely on the bridge, i.e. can be removed (example: [W] Ponte_Vecchio).

How to map

Draw the area of the object, tag with building=bridge and apply layer=* to the structure (typically layer=1).

Ways using such bridges should be probably mapped by indoor mapping methods, possible approach would be:

  • ways should share nodes with building where they cross the outline of it
  • ways should have the same layer as the overall building=bridge structure
  • ways may have a level=* assigned (indicating level within building)
  • ways may be tagged with some variant of covered=* or tunnel=building_passage or indoor=*
  • ways may be tagged with location=bridge
  • ways should have at least one of covered=*, location=* or bridge=* tags.

It is also possible that the area of the building and of the bridge are not identical or multiple buildings and other objects are on a bridge, in this case the building and other objects should have the same layer as the bridge object and be tagged with location=bridge

More complex examples might also use a bridge relation

See Proposed features/Simplify man made=bridge mapping for related thoughts.

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