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A building providing facilities for users of sports grounds Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Sports pavilions provide changing rooms and possibly other facilities (such as storage space for groundkeeping and sports equipment, a space for social events and a kitchen).

A classic sports pavilion (see image) from the late 19th or early 20th century would have sets of changing rooms and showers, storage space for sports equipment (e.g., soccer goalposts in the close season) and maintenance equipment (lawn mowers, rollers etc), and a larger room suitable for events or functions perhaps with a small kitchen. Larger ones would also provide some modest facilities for spectators and perhaps additional facilities for club members. Very large ones from this era still exist on major cricket grounds.

Ones built more recently ones may just have changing rooms on a smaller footprint.

In the US, the word "pavilion" is often used to refer to what should be tagged as amenity=shelter + shelter_type=picnic_shelter, shelter_type=pavilion or shelter_type=gazebo.


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