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Public-images-osm logo.svg highway = turning_circle
Turning circle.jpg
A widened area of road that allows vehicles to turn more easily. Edit or translate this description.
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[[Mapping-Features-Turning-Circle.png ; Turning circle on highway track-16.svg|]]
Group: Highways
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A turning circle is a widened area of road that allows vehicles to turn more easily. They are often but not exclusively circular in shape and located at the ends of cul-de-sacs ("dead end streets", "blind alleys", "closes", "no through roads"). There is no non-traversable central island.

They may occur along a road instead of at the end. This happens when more houses are built later and the road extended. The nodes of Changeset #58489782 on Arthur Road, Wokingham are examples of this. Typically houses leading up to and on the turning circle are noticeably older than the houses beyond it.

A turning circle may be colloquially known as a "frying pan" due to the resemblance of the shape, but please don't use this term on OpenStreetMap.

How to map

Place a node that is part of the road at the center of the widened area and add the tag:

When not to use

For a more detailed comparison of these features, see Circular and widened road features


Turning circle at the southern end of South Esplanade, Burnham-on-Sea (geograph 5104296).jpg Turning circle, Temple - geograph.org.uk - 1537665.jpg Haisbro Avenue turning circle, Newport (geograph 4875744).jpg



Photo / Icon Highway types Remarks
For a range of highway types, eg
A turning circle is typically rendered as a circle at higher zooms, in the same style as residential or unclassified highways.
Turning circle on highway track-16.svg For highway=track


As with most tags in OpenStreetMap, this tag is based on the British English term "turning circle", and refers to turning places regardless of shape, including circular, square, triangular and otherwise.

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