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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = greenery
An area covered in unspecified or various types of decorative vegetation. Consider using a more specific tag instead Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: landuse
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The tag landuse=greenery is sometimes used for any area covered with landscaping or decorative greenery (a variety of plants, possibly including grass, herbs, shrubs (bushes), flowers, and small trees), regardless of it being on a roundabout, along a street or in a park/garden, etc.

This tag has been used for vegetation that is hard to classify, either because its kind or because its diversity. Unfortunately, this does not provide clear information about the kind of vegetation or the use of the land.

So unless it's a mix of factors or hard to narrow it down to one, consider using one of these more specific and more common tags instead, if possible:

  • landuse=grass - other small areas of grass, usually mown and managed (for example lawns, grass roundabouts, etc.)
  • landuse=flowerbed - a flowerbed, an area used to grow decorative flowers
  • leisure=garden - A place where flowers and other plants are grown in a decorative and structured manner. Also used for small gardens (aka front or back yards).
  • leisure=park - A park, usually urban (municipal) - recreational area often planted with areas of mown grass lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • natural=wood - areas mainly covered by trees.
  • natural=tree_row - a line of trees, often along a road or as a border between two areas.
  • natural=scrub - areas mainly covered by shrubs (bushes)
  • barrier=hedge - a line of closely-spaced shrubs or small trees which serves as a visual screen or physical barrier, or mark the boundary of an area.
  • natural=heath - areas mainly covered by drawf shrubs (short bushes)
  • natural=grassland - areas covered by grasses, sedges and mixed herbaceous (non-woody) plants
  • landuse=meadow - meadow or pasture: land primarily vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants, mainly used for hay or grazing.
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Some examples of areas that might be tagged as greenery :

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