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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = shrubs
City of London Cemetery - flowering shrubs 05.jpg
An area of cultivated decorative shrubs or bushes
Group: Landuse
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The tag landuse=shrubs is used to map an area of cultivated shrubs, used to grow decorative woody perenial shrubs or bushes (which are shorter than trees). Often these features are found within a leisure=park or leisure=garden, or as landscaping at the edge of parking lots or around residential or commercial areas.

Sometimes this tag has been used for semi-natural areas of bushes or shrubs, which are much more commonly tagged as natural=scrub (or sometimes natural=heath). Some mappers use natural=scrub for managed or pruned areas of shrubs instead.

See also

  • natural=scrub - a semi-natural or natural area of shrubs
  • natural=heath - a semi-natural or natural area of dwarf shrubs
  • natural=wood and landuse=forest - areas of trees
  • barrier=hedge - a continuous line of trimmed shrubs which is cultivated to form a barrier.
  • landuse=flowerbed - a flowerbed, planted with flowering herbaceous plants
  • leisure=garden - some gardens contain areas of shrubs
  • landuse=plant_nursery - a plant nursery, where live plants, including shrubs, are grown for sale or transplant elsewhere
  • landuse=orchard - an area of cultivated trees or shrubs grown for food, including berry bushes, coffee and tea shrubs.