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A notable rock or group of rocks attached to the underlying bedrock Edit or translate this description.
Group: Natural
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natural=rock describes a notable rock feature or small group of rocks, attached to the underlying bedrock, mainly as a single node element.

On the contrary, single boulders not attached to the bedrock are better tagged as natural=stone.

For larger bedrock areas you may use natural=bare_rock.


way 512923719
<-- No, this is not a natural=stone !
Residents made a bet with more than 100 French Soldiers that they could not move that rock. The Frenchmen pushed and pulled and were working with poles, but the rock did not move a millimeter.

Tag History

This tag was suggested for mapping areas of rocks and small skerries that can be used for navigation or that might be a potential danger for navigation.

Ambox warning pn.svg Please note: this tag is in use but natural=bare_rock has been approved for general rocky land areas.

This tag was also used during the French Corine Land Cover (See details on the french page) to import areas made of solid rocks (opposed to natural=scree) Those areas can be seen in mountains or near coast.

The proposal for natural=bare_rock was also originally the page proposing natural=rock. Talk:Proposed features/bare rock#More descriptive tag name is the discussion related to this.

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