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Small appliance shop in North London.jpg
Shop for white goods. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: shops
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Status: de facto

A shop selling appliances, such as fridges, and washing machines.

In this narrow use of the word "appliance", we mean items sometimes referred to as "white goods". Typical examples include fridges, washing machines, drying machines, dish washers, and ovens. Appliances can require special plumbing to bring water in, or gas, and/or special high power electrical wiring. Any shop primarily selling appliances could use this tag, meanwhile...

How to map

Set a node at the centre of the shop or draw an area along its outline.

Add the tags shop=appliance.

Tags used in combination

Difference with shop=electronics

Smaller less heavy-duty consumer electronics, gadgets and gizmos, still firmly belong in the older shop=electronics tag.

The shop=electronics tag has been described for a long time on the wiki as "Shop selling consumer electronics (TV, radio, fridge)", which would be encompassing "appliances" along with smaller electronics. Here we are proposing to narrow the definition of shop=electronics to describe shops which are primarily selling smaller devices. With many large shops selling a wide range, the line between the two may be a matter of judgement...

The introduction of this new shop=appliance tag on the wiki has taken place late 2017, aligning with introduction of the tag in iD presets, meanwhile the more wide definition of shop=electronics has been in place since 2009, previously with no mention of shop=appliance. We now mention this shop=appliance tag as a possible new tag to use. See shop=electronics

Proposal page

Proposed features/Appliance Store - Old proposal page created in 2007! but not really described fully there