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This page documents the current stat of long jump (long_jump on Wikipedia) and includes ideas around this tag. This page is not an proposal and the tag is not an approved yet. This tag is already used many times!

State of taginfo (27 Novemver 2014)

  • "long_jump" 97 times as node an ways.
  • "long jump" 5 times as a way
  • "longjump" 13 times as a way

Suggestion how to tag in general

  • Tag leisure=long_jump (leisure="long_jump") (not "long jump" or longjump).
  • The run up is leisure=track, the count of the lanes is the key: lanes=*
  • For run up surface use the key surface=*
  • For the pit use the tag leisure=pit
  • As the long jump pit contains sand, the surface must be sand! Just if you like to tag this...

Suggestions especially for long_jump

Long jump in other languages (to find it with the search)

  • Deutsch: Weitsprung
  • ...

Hopefully this helps to clean up the situation!