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Public-images-osm logo.svg traffic_sign = city_limit
City-limit sign Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Restrictions
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traffic_sign=city_limit is a sign that indicates the road is crossing a boundary of the urban area of a city (or town, village, etc.). In many countries, it also indicates where legal restrictions (such as driving speed limits) will implicitly apply. Most city-limit signs are double-sided (beginning of city in one traffic direction, end of city in the other); single-sided versions also exist, typically on ways with oneway=yes.

Some countries may have separate signs for marking built-up areas where driving speed is different, see traffic_sign=PL:D-42 + traffic_sign=PL:D-43

How to map

Set a node node on the highway or as a separate node beside the road and tag it with traffic_sign=city_limit.

name=* should be specified and, if necessary, alt_name=*.

city_limit=* should be set if the city-limit sign is single-sided. If not set or city_limit=both, the sign is double-sided.

direction=* should be specified for double-sided city-limit signs to clarify which traffic direction enters city limits. Set the appropriate value, following the general conventions for traffic signs, for the beginning-of-town side of the sign (except if mapping a city_limit=end sign).

See also

  • traffic_sign=* for more information on tagging this and other traffic signs
  • zone:traffic=* for tagging on ways way whether they are within or outside of city limits