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What are the tags for size of the lock ?

We could use width, length or maxwidth, maxlength. Usage show that maxwidth and maxlength are more used (see tag info). Moreover, theses tags are used by OpenSeaMap on harbors

For the height (the difference of water level from the top and the bottom basins), height, lock:height, lock_height and maxheight are used. height is more often used and simple :-)

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What tags to use for contact information ?

  • phone, contact:phone, lock:phone, waterway:lock:phone ?
  • vhf, VHF, lock:VHF_channel, waterway:vhf_channel, vhf_channel, VHF_channel, VHF-channel, lock:channel, contact:vhf ?
  • website, url ?

I suggest :

Derelict locks

And suggestions about how to tag derelict locks? PeterIto (talk) 10:35, 23 August 2013 (UTC)

Boat rollers?

These are where there is a dry slope, usually with rollers (hence the name) which can be used by small boats and canoes to bypass the lock - for example, as shown at File:BoveneyLock04.JPG. Sometimes a small part of the river stream flows through them, as at Sunbury Lock.

There doesn't currently seem to be a convention for mapping these - they can be part of a through route which could be useful for navigation in appropriate craft. For the moment I've started to tag the river route with lock=* and the actual slope with leisure=slipway, as described on User:Threefoursixninefour#Waterway_locks. Are there any suggestions for a better system? Threefoursixninefour (talk) 12:33, 12 July 2018 (UTC)