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Motorcar vs (passenger) car

The use of the term motorcar might be somewhat confusing, but apart from the specific meaning of the -ambiguous words used, the explanation of the tag motorcar=no shows that "motorcar" refers to the wider category of "double tracked motor vehicles" and not solely to the sub-category of (passenger) cars:

Note that motorcar=no means 'no entry for any power driven vehicle except two-wheeled motor cycles without :side-:car', thus implying hgv=no, motorhome=no etc.

Otherwise a road that would only be openend for (passenger) cars, but not for other double tracked motor vehicles would have to be tagged with [motorcar=yes;no]

Altough I'm not German, it shows that the German language and Wiki for motorcar and is more precise and explicit in this case:

Offizielle Zugangserlaubnis für Kraftwagen und sonstige mehrspurige Kraftfahrzeuge, dazu gehören LKW, PKW, :Busse, Trecker aber keine Motorräder.

Multimodaal (talk) 12:07, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

Not that clear. Altough I'm not German either, "sonstige" says that "Kraftwagen" is also a "mehrspurige" so the group is double-tracked vehicle.

The access wiki page hierarchy says:

      • motor_vehicle=* (category: any motorized vehicle)
        • Single-tracked
          • Sinnbild Kraftrad.svg motorcycle=* (a 2-wheeled motor vehicle, allowed to drive on motorways)
          • moped=* (motorized bicycles with a speed restriction; e.g., at most a 50 cc engine or max. speed of about 45 km/h)
          • Sinnbild Mofa.svg mofa=* ("low performance moped", usually with a maximum design speed of 25 km/h)
        • Sinnbild Kfz.svg Double-tracked (category: motor vehicles with more than 2 wheels/more than 1 track)
          • Sinnbild PKW.svg motorcar=* automobiles/cars (in restrictions it can imply the generic class of double-tracked motorized vehicles)
          • Sinnbild LKW.svg hgv=* (heavy goods vehicle; e.g., goods vehicles with a maximum allowed mass over 3.5 tonnes)

The bullets position shows what traffic category are in the same group. The hierarchy. motorcar and hgv are in the same group. hgv=* can not be used to overrule the motorcar=* Openstreetmap key motorcar can not be explained as as two different explanations, the imply is false

It is time that it gets his own key:double_tracked_motor_vehicle or a shorter name, dt_motor_vehicle

"(category: motor vehicles with more than 2 wheels/more than 1 track)" often so announced in the country law. I like to keep the translation to Openstreetmap as direct as possible, if it is possible in the hierarchy.

Routing engine should import this hierarchy key in their codestring. Then motorcar can stay, what it is a car/motorcar.

Parkings for category use Sinnbild PKW.svg on traffic_signs. There lot of namespaces possible that need :motorcar, now or in the future for area prohibition in time,fuel,year vehicle.

There must be a clear hierarchy.

AllroadsNL 20:50, 16 Septembre 2018 (UTC)