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Regarding photo of pole with another pole

For "Angle pole, Japan" picture: As an additional prop to mark at the pole? That is a pole in the form /|

Thanks. The other pole is used to support the angle pole here, and that rather functions as an ordinary guy wire. For a pole with another pole used as a guy wire, this would be guyed=pole. -TagaSanPedroAko (talk) 09:11, 13 February 2017 (UTC)

Limitations of the design tag

Hi and thank you for your proposal! Although the design=* tag also applies to towers, not just poles, I have a question regarding its scope and limitations.

Some background: I'm arriving at this from the perspective of 3D rendering. My rendering software has been showing a basic representation of power lines for a while (see this [1] quick and ugly example for context). Currently, though, the arrangement of the arms and cables is not based on reality, and the only tag taken into account here is cables=*.

This is something I would like to change in the future, and the design key already allows a much better rendering than what I currently offer. However, it appears that the classification is relatively broad and stops a step short from letting applications calculate the exact layout of arms and cables. I'd be interested what you think about this topic. Is tagging this kind of information possible at all, and how could it be achieved? --Tordanik 19:31, 17 February 2017 (UTC)

It may be possible for 3D renderers that they may refer to drawings of the designs at the tables in the pole and tower tag pages, so, they can look how to arrange the cables (i.e. conductors) on the poles or towers. I will upload images of the designs of poles and towers, but I will start first with pole designs.-TagaSanPedroAko (talk) 00:14, 19 February 2017 (UTC)

Raise highest voltage to 150.000 V

In Italy, for historical reasons, we have two "basic" high voltage networks: 132.000 V in the north-center of Italy an 150.000 in the south. The poles are identical, the only difference is in the number of the insulators that fasten the cable to the pole arm. So is it possible to raise the highest voltage limit from 138.000 to 150.000 V?

pole=* vs. pole:type=*

There's a small contradiction between the proposalbox at the top and the text of the proposal itself. In the former you've listed pole:type=*, while using pole=* further down. I think the parallels between power=tower and power=pole should be as big as possible, so I'd clearly prefer pole:type=*. This is also supported by current usage: If you take a look at taginfo [2][3], you'll see that while pole=* is more widespread with ~8900 vs. ~1400 uses, the overwhelming majority of its usage is to describe that the line transitions from air to ground at that pole. --TOGA (talk) 01:50, 24 February 2017 (UTC)