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This template manages the translate words used in the Template:Feature.

You can add translate words within this template then you can use this template in your language.


Template:FeatureLang values table

Please expand this table if you add any languages or strings.

lang FeaturesCat FeatureLink Feature Tags

az Az:Features Features Feature Teqlər

cs Cs:Součásti Cs:Součásti Součást Značky

de DE:Merkmale Features Merkmal Attribute

en Features Features Feature Tags

es ES:Características ES:Características Característica Etiquetas

fi Fi:Kartoitusominaisuudet Fi:Kartoitusominaisuudet Kartoitusominaisuus Tagit

fr FR:Éléments cartographiques FR:Éléments cartographiques Élément cartographique Attributs

gl Gl:Características Gl:Características Característica Etiquetas

hu Hu:Features Features Térképelemek Címkék

it IT:Features Features Feature Etichette

ja JA:地物 JA:地物 地物 タグ

ko Ko:지물 Features 지물 Tags한국어 언어로 이 번역을 도와주세요!

nl NL:Features Features Feature TagsHelp dit vertalen naar je Nederlands!

pl Pl:Features Features Feature Tagi

pt Pt:Features Features Feature Etiquetas

ru RU:Объекты карты RU:Объекты Объект Теги

uk Uk:Features Features Обʼєкт Теґи

zh-hant Zh-hant:Features Features 圖徵 標籤

(else) Features Features Feature TagsHelp translate this into (else)!

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