Toilet Holding Tank Disposal

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Elsan Point

Sanitary Dump Stations

This set of tags covers places to deposit human waste collected in portable toilet holding tanks. This is a commonly needed amenity for boaters and recreational vehicle users. These sites have various names including dump station, dump point, caravan dump station, sanitary station, Elsan disposal point (UK), Stock Effluent Disposal (NZ), pumpout, and chemical disposal point (CDP) or chemical toilet disposal point (CTDP). It seems universal that people use euphemisms for human waste. This feature is commonly found on park, marina and campground maps worldwide.

There is no agreement on the exact wording for the stations: but the feature is worldwide.

Describing the Connection

Tagging Video Description
sanitary_dump_station:pump-out=yes How to Pump-Out Your Boat Provides a hose which removes toilet waste via suction. Often used for boats.
sanitary_dump_station:round_drain=yes Use a SaniDump Provides a connection for a round toilet drain hose, the waste flows by gravity. Often used for RV's.
sanitary_dump_station:basin=yes Elsan Point or How To Empty an RV Cassette Provides a place to dump a portable toilet or portable (usually wheeled) cassette holding tank. Used for both marine and land users.

Combination Tagging

  • fee=* - tag yes if there is a direct (or indirect) charge to use this facility. Some mappers also tag a currency amount instead of yes. Tag day_use if the usual day use fee applies to entering the area.
  • access=* - tag network for regional networks where a key or code can be obtained in advance. Tag customers if the site is restricted to registered overnight guests.
  • network=* - Name the network, if needed.
  • opening_hours=* - If different from the enclosing way
  • description=* - Specific notes the end user may need to be aware of, but not suited to an established tag.
  • water_point=yes/no - Frequently one can also fill fresh water holding tanks at the same station.
  • power_supply=yes/no


For simple tagging in a national park:

  • amenity=sanitary_dump_station
  • sanitary_dump_station:round_drain=yes
  • fee=no
  • opening_hours=24/7

As an attribute of a campsite:

For a standalone boating facility:

  • waterway=sanitary_dump_station
  • sanitary_dump_station:basin=yes
  • fee=network
  • network=Canal & River Trust
  • water_point=yes
  • description=Chemical toilet disposal point. Uses the standard C&R key. Pump out station nearby.
  • website=

Not to be used for

This tag is specific to holding tanks for human waste, and should not be used to tag sinks, recycling bins, walk up toilets for people, rivers, or any improper location for emptying contents of a toilet holding tank. Not to be used for individual hookups at a given camp spot (see discussion).


Extended Tagging

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