UK Quarterly Project/2021/2021 Q2 Project: Buildings

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The second UK Quarterly Project of 2021 is Buildings. Trace missing buildings, follow up on construction sites and new builds, or add more details to existing buildings.

Please add the hashtag #ukqp to your changesets.

  • Written a blog post or made a video about your involvement? - Add it here.

Useful Wiki Pages

Please avoid using Tag:building=residential as it can almost always be inferred by Tag:landuse=residential and it negativity effects on the ground surveys with StreetComplete. If you don't know what type of building it is, Tag:building=yes is not a bad tag.

Potential sources and tools

MapRoulette Challenges

Tasking Manager

Data Sources

  • Bing has remarkable imagery available in a lot of the UK now.
  • The new OSMUK Property Boundaries overlay can help align and split buildings.
  • Sites like Mapillary, Geograph can give a side view to get a better feel for buildings in the area

Things to do

Expand existing data

Add new data

  • Add more buildings

mass edit building=flats

Mat Atlee brought up an issue of buildings tagged as flats rather than apartments

There are 1535 in GB that could be mass edited

write UK-specific building mapping guidelines

Rupert Allan from Missing Maps/HOT has asked about mapping terraces in Wales ahead of a humanitarian mapping project. We should write guidelines/methodology for plotting houses in the UK. I suggest starting on this page before splitting it off to a permanent advice page later.

Previous projects

Also worth adding any solar panels and green spaces you spot, as per the previous projects UK 2019 Q3 Project: Solar Power, 2021 Q1 Project: Green Spaces.

Buildings as nodes

As of 2021-03-04 there are 24,580 building tags on nodes [1], most cases should be easily fixed to ways.