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A collection of ideas for the UK Quarterly Project, in no particular order. Please discuss via the talk-gb mailing list and update this with notes if and when there is some consensus.


In particular step counts.

SK53 said, "For many of us (parents, people with COPD (e.g., me, but I know other OSM contributors too) , older people, etc., etc.) steps are OK in small quantities, but beyond a certain number which will vary with the person (and what they are carrying). it may well be desirable to avoid them." 2016-December/019604

Detailed mapping of railway and bus stations

There are excellent precedents for mapping public transport interchanges in a detail (e.g. OpenRailwayMap team in Germany & the Transilien In general the focus should be in adding information which helps with access. Adding access details may provide opportunities to engage with facility owners & promoting open data strategies for improving information about access for people with restricted mobility. Additionally these provide a special domain for mappers to learn about Simple 3D buildings & indoor tagging. 2016-December/019604

I think this would be a great project, and could extend to various features, c.f. e.g. London public transport map challenge - station entrances (and have a look at wheelmap for station entrances as well). There's a lot that needs to be done! Also see [1] for some of my own detailed mapping of some London tube stations. This could also include part of the first suggestion, to count steps within public transport stations/interchanges. Bjohas (talk) 14:44, 10 May 2017 (UTC)

Disabled parking spaces

The current method, amenity=parking_space disabled=yes, is not entirely satisfactory, but this is current practise. Capacity tags can be used, but don't show where disabled spaces are located in larger facilities. There may be some open data on this for some cities, e.g. Nottingham Most spaces will be in town/city centres and public & customer car parks. 2016-December/019604


Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums

Blue lights

Police, fire and ambulance stations, and associated infrastructure.

Possible link up with Blue Light Camp

Public art

location, artist, material. Link up with Wikidata


even where mapped, these soon fall out-of-date.


maybe not enough to do on their own. Combine with shops?


Pubs, bars & other licensed premises. Also breweries

Public toilets

Gail Ramster has done sterling work on the Great British Toilet Map

FixMe & Notes

Missing/Wrong Road names

Energy generation

DEFRA release open data about the location of wind farms, power stations, solar farms, etc. but the geolocation is pretty ropey. I've seen examples of power plants 1km away from where they actually are + small onshore wind farms 'located' at the applicants home address. states that was the first onshore wind farm in the UK in 1991. Wind farms are an 'interesting' feature, a farm consists of multiple turbines but the land between the turbines continues to be used for grazing, etc. so it is a relation of turbines rather than a polygon perimeter.

Wind turbines are easy to plot from aerial photographs as the cast an obvious shadow.

The pywind project does some excellent work with the open data....maybe it should hook up with OSM?

GP surgeries


Public Rights of Way