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I map mainly in Tucson, Arizona but I map wherever I go and wherever I find interesting. I work towards making the map around me better and prettier. If there is a problem with my edits please contact me so that I can learn from my mistakes.

User Page Table of Contents


My OSM style that features changes that I would like to see on the map but have not been implemented.

Crossing Guide

A small guide I made for mapping crosswalks.

Heath Vs. Scrub

A helpful guide to distinguishing between heath, scrub, and wood.

Arizona Reservoir Project

My old and new procedure for; 1. Mapping reservoir nodes into areas, and 2. Removing landuse=reservoir from the state of Arizona.

Arizona Highway Classification Proposal

A proposal for highway classification standards in the state of Arizona.

Crossing Guide

A small guide I made for mapping crosswalks, which is now outdated

Substation Guide

A small guide I made for mapping the key substation=*. In the future I hope to make an extensive guide on how to map every component in a substation.

Survey Points Rendering

An example rendering of survey points.

Traverse City Pictometry

A controversial imagery layer that has high quality imagery that covers Traverse City, Michigan.

Pima County Address Import

An address import that would import over 400,000 addresses into the database in Pima County, Arizona.