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I map mainly in Tucson, Arizona. I fully mapped Christmas, Michigan and have edits in Traverse City, Michigan. I work towards making the map around me better. If there is a problem with my edits please contact me so that I can learn from my mistakes.

I am currently working on a project where I wish to eradicate the tag landuse=reservoir and nodes with water=reservoir from the state of Arizona. To see my procedure, etc. Click Here.

I am also currently working on importing addresses into Pima County, Arizona. Please read this for more information.

3D Elevation Program: Multidirectional&STYLES=&CRS={proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox}

User Page Table of Contents

Heath Vs. Scrub

A helpful guide to distinguishing between heath, scrub, and wood.

Arizona Reservoir Project

My old and new procedure for, 1. Mapping reservoir nodes into areas, and 2. Removing landuse=reservoir from the state of Arizona.

Arizona Highway Classification Proposal

A proposal for highway classification standards in the state of Arizona.

Crossing Guide

A small guide I made for mapping crosswalks.

Traverse City Pictometry

A controversial imagery layer that had high quality imagery that covers Traverse City, Michigan.

Pima County Address Import

An address import that would import over 400,000 addresses into the database in Pima County, Arizona.

My Imagery Opinions in Oro Valley

Bing Imagery

The best latest imagery in the area. Slightly blurry up close.

Ersi World Imagery

Blurry but updated imagery. Angle is very minimal for accurate mapping of taller buildings. Color is a bit off.

Ersi World Imagery (Clarity) Beta

From late 2010 this is not very good imagery. It is clear but is very old which makes it have almost no use in the area.

Mapbox Satellite

Probably about as old as Ersi Clarity. It is very clear up close though. The highest clarity up close of all of the maps. Taken a slight angle. Still usable you just have to be careful. In some parts of the Catalina Mountains this imagery is horrible with no detail. In other parts though it looks quite nice with a lesser amount of clarity as Tucson / Oro Valley. This is some very nice imagery.

Maxar Premium Imagery (Beta)

Pixelated but the most updated imagery. Offset is very great and can change dramatically throughout the area.

Maxar Standard Imagery (Beta)

The exact same as the Maxar Premium Imagery (Beta).

OpenStreetMap (Standard)

This is good for checking what you have changed visually before pushing your changeset.


OpenStreetMap with topography lines. Okay for a semi-detailed topography map.

Stamen Terrain

Horrible looking terrain becoming very undetailed up close. I do not recommend this.

National Agriculture Imagery Program

Very "liney" and pixelated up close. Mostly used best for natural mapping.

U.S. Forest Service Roads

Only use this for a source with forest roads.

USGS Imagery

About the same quality of NAIP just more blurry and older.

USGS Topographic Maps

Some very nice classic topography maps. Nice for looking at washes / streams. Quite outdated though.