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On this page you will see they procedure and progress of my project where I wish to eradicate the tag landuse=reservoir from the state of Arizona.


I am using a few resources that make this project possible.


In this project I am doing this by hand with no use of bot edits.

To start off a changeset I first download data from Overpass turbo via JOSM. I use the query:

try it yourself in overpass-turbo
out skel qt;

I next select the objects that I will edit in that changeset and add them to the todo list via the TODO List plugin.

I finally cycle through the list of all the nodes/areas/relations manually and add appropriate tagging for each feature.

In the above step I first position the node/area/relation correctly. Many of the nodes with landuse=reservoir are imported from USGS GNIS and do not have correct positioning. I find positioning by first looking at Bing. If the imagery is bad I use Mapbox Satellite which has similar quality. If there is no obvious reservoir within close proximity of the node I check US Topo Maps for the possible location of the reservoir. If I still do not find the reservoir I look up its USGS GNIS code using the query feature. If I do not find a valid code I delete the node. If I find a valid node I see if it matches up with the node on OSM. I then check the coordinates of where it claims the reservoir is. If the location is not correct I remove landuse=reservoir from the node and move on.


Here is the link where you can view the live progress of the project through the view of the OSM database.

Below will be an unordered bulleted list of all the changeset links that have been a part of this project.