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About Me
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I have been mapping on OSM for quite some time and have done lots of editing. There are several types of edits that I do:

See below for more info on these edits. I do most of my editing in the Puget Sound area in western Washington. I sometimes edit other locations, too. I mainly do my edits in Potlatch 2. I don't like the new editor iD. I have tried using JOSM but I don't like its interface, except for doing really complicated edits involving relations.

My Projects

Last updated: September 22, 2015

There are many projects in which I work on. Here are descriptions of each of the edits I've made.

TIGER fixup

Many roads in Western Washington are poorly aligned to the satellite imagery, thanks to the lousy TIGER data. Although it is public-domain, it is really bad. There are many problem areas (pretty much all of W. Washington), but there are a few places I've fixed. Tiger fixup accounts for most of my edits in OSM.

Fixed Areas - Areas where I've done TIGER fixup:

  • Downtown Arlington, WA
  • East and South part of Marysville, WA as well as downtown Marysville.
  • In South Everett, east of I-5/ WA-526 interchange.
  • WA 542, Mt Baker Highway (and surrounding roads) near Mt. Baker Ski area.
  • Hood River valley near Hood River, OR.
  • Yakima, WA.

Rivers, Riverbanks, and Streams

I have mapped:

  • Most of the Skykomish river watershed, including tributaries. There's still some creeks and lakes that need to be added.
  • Skagit and Sauk River. Riverbanks and creeks still need to be added.
  • Pasayten River south of the US-Canada border.
  • Chehalis River


The following are a few places where I have mapped buildings:

  • DuPont - in progress (June 2013)
  • Seattle - Prior to the 2013 Seattle building import, I added buildings in several Seattle neighborhoods. Here are places where I've added buildings:
    • Lake City
    • Northgate
    • Jackson Park Golf Course vicinity.
  • the area near Boeing's Renton assembly plant.


As far as I'm aware, all the high-tension power lines have been added thanks to hard work by zephyr. But there are many 115 kV transmission lines (not to be confused w/ higher-voltage lines on towers) that need to be added to OSM. It has been an ongoing project for me to add them. I plan to add all of the ones in Washington state, eventually. I shall go no further. So far, here is what I've done:

  • Snohomish County PUD: all transmission lines are done. The transmission lines along US-2 and the BNSF RR line are what got me started in July 2013, and then I got addicted to adding powerlines. Also I mapped PSE's 230/115 kV powerlines that go thru Snohomish County up to the Sedro-Wooley Substation.
  • Seattle City Light: All the powerlines in N. Seattle had been added, but not so for South Seattle. I added all those transmission lines as well as the approximate routes of the underground transmission lines using info on Seattle City Light's website.
  • Puget Sound Energy: Currently working on these.
    • King County: Done
    • Pierce County: Currently working on these powerlines
    • Thurston County: Will work on next.
    • Kittitas County: Done with all of PSE's powerlines here.
    • Kitsap Peninsula: Done
  • Tacoma Power - Done
  • Jefferson County PUD - Done with powerlines near Port Townsend. I'm unsure of the status of powerlines in the part of Jefferson County on the other side of the Olympic Mts.

Other Projects

There are also some other types of edits I do. Many roads aren't designated as proper types, and fixing them has been an ongoing endeavor. Also, I've done a bit of work on fixing coastlines because the PGS data is pretty inaccurate.

From late 2012 to early 2013) I have done some improvements to ferry routes and terminals because of my then-budding interest in ferries. The biggest thing I did was to improve the accuracy of the ferry routes in the San Juan Islands.

I also have created relations for all of Washington's state routes during summer 2013. This will allow the shields to be rendered as seen here. Hopefully one day they will be on the main OSM map.