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My OSM directory grouped by Activities
Explore OSM maps on the internet
The OSM Map | Report errors in the map
List of OSM based Services | OSM Online Browsing | CloudMade Map | Freemap (UK) | Information Freeway Map
Hike & Bike Map | Open Cycle Map | Open Piste Map | Open Sea Map | OSM-3D | Freie Tonne (German sea map) | OSMC Reitkarte (German) | ÖPNV Karte (German)
Customize OSM maps on the internet
| OpenStreetBrowser
Demand OSM maps on the internet
MapOSMatic (city map generator) | Free Town Guide Generator
Demand OSM routing on the internet
Open Route Service (description, map | YOURS (description , map) | more ...
Use OSM on Linux, Mac or Windows
Overview | Gosmore | NaviPOWM | Navit | Traveling Salesman
Use OSM on mobile devices
Overview | Android | Blackberry | Garmin | iPhone | Maemo | Palm OS | TomTom | Windows Mobile PDA
Use OSM data with other applications
Embed static maps on a webpage | Embed dynamic maps on a webpage (Deploy your own Slippy Map) | Render maps (Create your own tiles) | | Use OSM data with Google Earth | Use OSM data with other GIS software | Export data
Contribute data to OSM
Model the world (data model / data primitives) | Beginners' guide | Map Making Overview | Map features | Feature Index | Relations | Routing | Converting map data between formats | Converting GPS track data between formats | Import data | Quality Assurance | Statistics
Join OSM mapping projects
List of mapping projects
Develop tools for OSM
Communicate with the OSM community
Diaries and blogs | Forum | Mailing lists | IRC | Contact a mapper |
Report bugs of the tools | Feeds | Other channels
Support OSM
Merchandise | Donations
Write about and for OSM
Press room | Writing a press release
Wiki organisation | Wiki guidelines | Wiki translation | Wiki cleanup | Upload a picture | Recent changes
Look at the IT
Servers | Platform status