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See my blog post about mapping botanical gardens for some context:

Suggest use of a new key garden=* or garden_feature=*. There is likely to be some overlap with types of gardens, see garden:type=*. The idea is that these can be used to provide detail of larger gardens or map isolated garden features in the broader environment.

Suggested values (note the use of a key garden is only for illustrative purposes see above:

Features without a suggested value:

  • Plantings of particular (e.g, all of one genus) trees/shrubs. A good example is Tallinn Botanical Garden. Mainly because I don't have a good single term for these areas.
  • Work areas of larger gardens, with beds & greenhouses for raising plants; equipment storage etc.
  • Woodland walks: encompassing the area of featured planting, paths & trees. Good example Winter Walk, Anglesey Abbey.
  • Wetland features other than ponds/lakes. Notionally can use natural=wetland, but some further distinction may be needed separate from wetland=*.

Other features

Things where existing tags do the main work.

  • Hothouses and other glasshouses. Note it may be desirable to use a garden tag to describe the purpose of the glasshouse: tropical, temperate, cold etc.
  • Water features natural=water etc.
  • paths: highway=footway etc
  • Hedges
  • Orchard and Wooded areas
  • Ornamental features: statues, fountains.
  • Practical amenities for visitors: benches, shelters
  • Other Buildings
  • Walled gardens by mapping the wall.
  • Avenues of trees (tree rows)
  • Specimen trees natural=tree, shrubs natural=shrub, and herbaceous perennial plants natural=plant. Tagging both latter categories should be done conservatively, and usually when the garden is particularly known for the relevant plants.

Additional relevant tags

  • taxon=* for any part of a garden dedicated to a particular systematically recognised plants.
  • ref=* when garden areas are referenced on plans, maps and on the ground (e.g., Tallinn).
  • operator=*: some features in larger gardens may be maintained by a special interest group. For instance the Walled Garden at Wollaton Park is run by the Nottingham Branch of the Hardy Plant Society; the Dahlia beds in Riga are run by the local Dahlia enthusiasts.
  • access=*. Mainly relates to staff only areas of gardens separate from general access to the leisure=garden