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Hello, I'm a wikipedian in Taiwan. Through introduction by another wikipedian, User:Supaplex, I get to know OSM project and enjoy greatly with the fun to dig out little surprises in my city, Taipei. I'm fluent in English and Mandarin, and I know a little French and German. I'm interested in the following city projects:

Projects that interest me 我所關心之專案


  1. OSM Wiki翻譯教學(2016-02-26)
  2. 最佳實務(2016-03-02)
  3. 移動到台灣專案


  1. Taipei/Bicycle rental. Since Taipei has lots of biking trials, it's a great idea to record bike rental spots in Taipei. The primary language used here is Traditional Chinese.
  2. Taipei/Postboxes. This is a thematic project for the POI postboxes. The main purpose is to map all the postbox and the collection time in Taipei. The primary language used here is Traditional Chinese.
  3. WikiProject Taiwan/2012 Competition. The primary language used here is Traditional Chinese. My accomplishment (record by google map)

Reference 參考資料

The following wikipages are quiet useful reference:

  1. About Mapping Party--
    1. Evaluation tool(Compare the map before & after Mapping Party)
  2. About Project--
    1. Potlatch 2/Translation/Traditional Chinese.
    2. WikiProject Taiwan/Taiwan tagging.
    3. Talk:WikiProject Taiwan/Taiwan tagging.
    4. [1]
  3. About POIs--

可以從 taginfo頁面上看到世界上最常使用的一些有趣點(POIs)。

    1. Key
      1. 電話 Key:phone
      2. 地名 Key:name
      3. 開放時間 Key:opening_hours
      4. Key:ref
      5. Key:access
      6. Key:operator
      7. Key:highway
      8. Key:type
      9. Key:addr
      10. Key:room
      11. Key:wikipedia
      12. Key:capacity
      13. Key:fuel
      14. Key:contact
      15. Key:population
      16. Key:construction
      17. Key:lanes
      18. Key:denomination
      19. Key:surface
      20. Key:maxspeed
      21. Key:network
      22. Key:depth
      23. Key:oneway
      24. Key:place
      25. Key:bridge
      26. [[]]
      27. [[]]
      28. [[]]
      29. [[]]
    2. Tag

Some articles related to OSM:

  1. 地圖非真相 部落全貌自己畫2012-10-25 立報

Local wiki:

  1. Santa Cruz wiki
  2. 倫敦手繪地圖

Localization, translation. 文獻翻譯及在地化