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This page aims to coordinate the efforts of mapping electricity-related objects in the Philippines.

Power Grid Status

Most power transmission lines are owned and/or operated by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, while power generating sites are owned by various companies. It is currently divided into three grids: the Luzon Power Grid, the Visayas Power Grid, and the Mindanao Power Grid. They are further subdivided into dozens of transmission lines, which carry up to 500 kilo volts of energy.

Minor lines are mostly operated by Meralco (Manila Electric Company) and local electric cooperatives/companies, which also operate transmission lines between substations within their power networks and the main power grid by NGCP. The minor lines feed power from the substations to residential and industrial users (although some industrial users also feed power from the transmission lines operated by Meralco or local electric cooperatives/companies).


TODO: Add more guidelines on mapping power facilities and power lines

  1. Power generators/power plants are sometimes called "power stations". Do not tag them as power=station. Instead, tag them as power=generator.
  2. Power stations are individually named (in most cases) and are called "substations" (e.g. "San Jose del Monte Substation"). Do not tag them as power=sub_station. Instead, tag them as power=substation.
  3. Power lines mounted on tubular towers, usually shared with minor power lines and telephone/cable television lines, like those owned by Meralco and some electric cooperatives/companies on most provinces, are to tagged as power=tower, with structure=tubular and the specific tower design, commonly flag, triangular, H-frame, or asymmetrical. Some power poles have designs other than the usual T-shape or L-shape, like flag, triangular, or asymmetrical, but they should be tagged with power=pole.
  4. Power lines below 69 kV (e.g. 20 kV) should be mapped as power=minor_line. If line is an insulated cable, 69 kV and above power lines should be mapped as power=line. The frequency of the power grid in the Philippines is 60 Hz, except high-voltage direct current, like the HVDC Luzon Leyte.

Power lines mapped

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Name of Transmission Line Link to relation Originating Point Terminating point
Biñan-Dasmariñas Transmission Line 1524350 (x p i j h a m r) Biñan Substation Dasmariñas Substation
Biñan-Sucat Transmission Line 1524351 (x p i j h a m r) Sucat Power Station Biñan Substation
MakBan-Calauan-Kalayaan Transmission Line 1407254 (x p i j h a m r) Makban Geothermal Power Plant Kalayaan Hydroelectric Power Plant
Alaminos-Tayabas Transmission Line 2405491 (x p i j h a m r) Alaminos Tayabas Substation
Alaminos-Dasmariñas Transmission Line 2405524 (x p i j h a m r) Dasmariñas Substation Alaminos
Ilijan-Alaminos Transmission Line 2405751 (x p i j h a m r) Ilijan Power Plant Alaminos
MakBan-Batangas Transmission Line 1407227 (x p i j h a m r) Makban Geothermal Power Plant Batangas Power Substation
San Jose-Tayabas Transmission Line 2442269 (x p i j h a m r) Tayabas Power Substation San Jose del Monte Power Substation


Name of Transmission Line Link to relation Originating Point Terminating point
Bacolod-Kabankalan Transmission Line 1524342 (x p i j h a m r) Bacolod Substation Kabankalan Substation

Power stations/substations mapped

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