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Public-images-osm logo.svg highway = raceway
A racetrack for motorised racing, eg cars, motorbikes and karts.
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A racetrack for motorised racing, eg cars, motorbikes and karts.

For cycling, running, horses, greyhounds etc, use leisure=track.

How to map

By default you should create a Way line along the raceway like you map other roads with highway=*.

For small raceways like for sport=karting or sport=motocross where the exact course of the road is not well-defined or often changes, you can map the whole site as an Area area and add the tag area=yes. If the course of the road is well-defined and does not change, but you want to detail the shape of the raceway, you may use the proposed tag area:highway=raceway, mapping the shape of the road as an Area area in addition to the course of the road as a Way line.

Actually (May 2016) a bug[1] in OSM Mapnik stylesheet prevents rendering of closed loop ways when highway=raceway is present along with sport=* so it is adviced to always add area=no when mapping as a simple line Closed way

Related / Keys

Key Value Elements Comment
raceway=* start/finish/
Node Marks the start and end of the track. In cases where this is the same node then a value of start-finish

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