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This page contains a list of large companies that have several locations like supermarkets, restaurant chains and other shops.

The taginfo boxes show objects with the name tags as they are shown in the list.

Department Stores

Brand Tags Locations Taginfo
 Big Kmart United States
 Big Lots United States
 Costco Worldwide
 Gabe's United States
 Galeria Kaufhof Germany
 J.C. Penney United States
 Karstadt Germany
 Kohl's United States
 Macy's United States
 Peebles United States
 Saks Fifth Avenue North America
 Sears North America
 Target United States


Brand Tags Locations Taginfo Unified
 Applebee's Worldwide Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar:


 Arby's Worldwide 2018-06-04
 Bob Evans United States 2018-05-07
 Braum's United States 2018-05-07
 Buffalo Wild Wings Worldwide 2018-05-09
 Burger King (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 Cicis United States Cicis:

Cici's Pizza:

 Cold Stone Creamery Worldwide
 Dairy Queen Worldwide
 Denny's Worldwide
 Domino's Pizza (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 Dunkin' Donuts Worldwide
 Golden Corral United States
 In-N-Out Burger United States (west)
 Jollibee (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 KFC (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 Long John Silver's North America
 McDonald's (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 Nordsee Europe
 Olive Garden Worldwide
 Panera Bread North America
 Pizza Hut Worldwide
 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Worldwide
 Quiznos North America
 Red Lobster United States
 Ruby Tuesday Worldwide
 Sonic Drive-In United States
 Starbucks (OSM Wiki) Worldwide Starbucks Coffee:


 Subway (OSM Wiki) Worldwide
 Taco Bell North America
 Tim Hortons (OSM Wiki) North America
 Texas Roadhouse Worldwide
 Wendy's Worldwide


Brand Tags Locations Taginfo
 Bauhaus (company) Europe
 B&Q United Kingdom
 Hornbach (retailer) Europe
 Leroy Merlin Worldwide
 Lowe's North America, Australia
 Menards United States
 Obi (store) Europe
 The Home Depot North America, Australia
toom Baumarkt Germany


Brand Tags Locations Taginfo
 Aldi Worldwide
 Aldi Nord Germany (North)
 Aldi Süd Germany (South)
 Lidl Worldwide
 Netto Europe (Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden)

note: most supermarkets tagged as Netto in Germany are in fact Netto Marken-Discount ones (see below), because many mappers fail to differentiate between these independent brands.

 Netto Marken-Discount Germany

 Penny/Penny Markt/Penny Market Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania) Names are too different to filter
note: Penny fomerly used PENNY Markt in Germany, but this has been shortened to just PENNY (with a trailing dot in their logo) in 2014. In Austria PENNY Markt is still used and PENNY Market is used for all other countries.

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