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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
latitude: 43.7180, longitude: -79.3762
Browse map of Toronto 43°43′04.80″ N, 79°22′34.32″ W
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Toronto is a city in Ontario, Canada at latitude 43°43′04.80″ North, longitude 79°22′34.32″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the city of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and is found on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Spotlight on local data users

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City of Toronto Open Data

Although the city provides many open data sets, the Open Government Licence – Toronto is currently not compatible with OpenStreetMap's licence. The OSMF licensing working group was approached in March 2017 to review problems with the licence and suggest ways to find compatibility. Until these details have been resolved, users should not import data from the Toronto data portal.

Data quality and completeness

Like much of OpenStreetMap, data in the Greater Toronto area is quite variable, consistent in some places and very much in need of improvement in others. This section is intended as a guide to data users, and to editors trying to see how they can be most helpful.

Future Roads constructions

  • On the Toronto construction projects wiki page you can find here a dedicated page that shows the future roads construction projects that are not yet finished, so that we can review them and add them to the map when the project it`s over.

Approaching completeness

  • Streets are pretty thoroughly mapped, though there are some small alignment issues.
  • Transit routes are well mapped, though many lack stops, or at least stops that are included in the route relation.
  • Passenger and freight rail.
  • University campuses.

Areas that need some improvement

  • Building coverage is good in the city centre and some industrial areas, but most of the region has little or no building data.
  • Landuses of various sorts are maybe halfway toward complete coverage in the area.

Toronto Transit Commission

Many TTC routes are complete or nearly complete route relations as far as road segments go, but most of them are missing stops in those relations.

Roads (highway=*) that are accessible by TTC vehicles only are tagged with access=no or access=private and one or more of the following: psv=yes, bus=yes, or ttc=yes. Transit railways are generally not tagged with access restrictions. Several bus garages may still need detailed service roads added to allow accurate routing.

The positions of subway platforms are generally rather sketchy. Station access could use some serious improvement, namely the addition of proper entrance=*, highway=elevator, and highway=steps (with or without conveying=*) tags.

Local events

Local user group
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When: ~Monthly
Where: Various locations (map)
Mailing list
mailing list – archive


Toronto OpenStreetMap users meet roughly once a month for discussion and refreshments. Check the Meetup[2] page for details on the date and location.

Past events

WikiProject Canada