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My community and my History

European YoutHumanitarian OpenStreetMap - euYoutH OSM

Welcome - Bienvenido - Benvido - Bine ați venit - Willkommen

What are the aims of euYoutH_OSM?

Five schools from five European countries (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Germany) have set themselves the task of introducing as many pupils as possible to OpenStreetMap at their schools and to get them interested in mapping. The students will be introduced carefully and concentrated to differentiated mapping. We will use existing material as far as possible (such as LearnOSM) and, if necessary, create additional training material. (maybe screenscast)

It is not our goal to produce "nodes en masse", but to train responsible mappers who can also help with humanitarian mapping. Not quantity, but quality matters.

Results and products of the euYoutH_OSM project

Our schools in OSM

Partner Schools 2018-2020

Time Tables

File:TT HB.png File:TT RV.png File:TT AG.png

Possible Logos

The project's bookmark

Front Back
EU Youth Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Erasmus+ EU Youth Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Erasmus+

Problems and solutions

  As one partner from the UK left after the approval of the project, the tasks had to be redistributed between the remaining partners.

Tasks and responsibilities of each partner school in the new framework

PT Coordination of Dissemination, StreetComplete, WikiPages.
RO LearnOSM, OSM Tracker, Wiki-Website, Evaluation and Statistics via HDYC, Preparation, execution, evaluation of surveys and communication of the results.
EI JOSM Training, QGIS Training, OSMOSE, KEEPRIGHT, OSM Inspector, MapBox.
ES weeklyOSM, Preparation of Press Release.
DE Project Management Spreadsheet, JOSM Training, QA-Editor, uMap, Overpass, OSMBC

Rescheduling project activities

Communication, Dissimination and Visibility

The project in the media

Traditional media


Social Media

Our Accounts - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Social Media - some activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other websites


weeklyOSM - the news from and for the community - a spin off from a former Comenius project


Image(s) of the Week - euYoutH_OSM representing OpenStreetMap on the main wiki page for one week ;-)


In person meetings


File:Group Angra.jpg File:Group HB.jpg File:Group RV.jpg File:Group AG.jpg


Gallery Portmarnock

Gallery Portmarnock - Slideshow

Gallery Angra

Gallery Heidelberg