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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

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Gallery of featured images, from October to December 2018

Details and captions

Week 40 (from Monday 1 October 2018 to Sunday 7 October 2018) [Edit]

  • English : State of the Map Latam 2018 took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was the 4th edition of that regional conference that gathers together the OpenStreetMap community of all Latin America

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Week 41 (from Monday 8 October 2018 to Sunday 14 October 2018) [Edit]

SOTM US 2018 Group Photo.jpg

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Week 42 (from Monday 15 October 2018 to Sunday 21 October 2018) [Edit]

Herrenhausen Gardens JOSM.png
  • English : The gloriously detailed mapping of the Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover, Germany, shown here within JOSM editor, with the Mapillary plugin showing the view on the ground.

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Week 43 (from Monday 22 October 2018 to Sunday 28 October 2018) [Edit]

Karlsruhe hackweekendweekend-2018-10 01.jpg

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Week 44 (from Monday 29 October 2018 to Sunday 4 November 2018) [Edit]

Sarting euYoutH OSM.jpeg
  • English : Teachers from Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Germany met in Saarburg, Germany for week-long training session in humanitarian mapping and a first hackathon, to kick off a two year Erasmus+ project

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Week 45 (from Monday 5 November 2018 to Sunday 11 November 2018) [Edit]

  • English : Mappers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sometimes meet at the Shewe Cafe, which can serve you an OpenStreetMap cappuccino!

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Week 46 (from Monday 12 November 2018 to Sunday 18 November 2018) [Edit]

Pristina tourist map.png

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Week 47 (from Monday 19 November 2018 to Sunday 25 November 2018) [Edit]

  • English : State of the Map Asia 2018 last weekend brought together mapping enthusiasts in Bangalore from countries across the globe, for two days of interesting sessions and workshops.

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Week 48 (from Monday 26 November 2018 to Sunday 2 December 2018) [Edit]


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Week 49 (from Monday 3 December 2018 to Sunday 9 December 2018) [Edit]

Germany and Hungary postcode delivery route.png

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Week 50 (from Monday 10 December 2018 to Sunday 16 December 2018) [Edit]

National Geographic Slovenija-using OSM-October 2018.jpg

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Week 51 (from Monday 17 December 2018 to Sunday 23 December 2018) [Edit]

Mapathon mamapa 12.12.2018.jpg
  • English : Last week, MAMAPA organized a mapathon at Ideenw3rk -- a workspace inside the beautifully-renovated city Public Library -- in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Working in tandem, immigrants and locals mapped features together, while simultaneously practicing their German.

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Week 52 (from Monday 24 December 2018 to Sunday 30 December 2018) [Edit]

ItoWorld SNT logistics frame.png
  • English : Ito World produced another spectacular Christmas animation, showing delivery routes over the OpenStreetMap road network for every address in the UK, for SNT logistics to deliver presents! (This is fictional. In fact Santa delivers presents by sleigh)

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