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A dance venue or dance hall. Edit or translate this description.
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This tag and its supplementary tags are used for purpose-built dance venues (dance halls) and other venues which offer social dancing or participation dancing as a leisure activity on a regular basis. Usually, in dance halls, there is live music and dance types vary (waltz, tango, jive etc.). These places are meant just for dancing and they are not nightclubs or restaurants although there is usually serving beverages.


Begin by tagging an area or a node with

Tag Description
leisure=dance A reasonably well-maintained dance floor is available on a regular basis. If shared with other activities, dancing is the primary leisure=* function of this venue.

You can also place a node tagged as above inside large building areas or complexes to indicate the presence of a dance floor somewhere within: useful for places that offer dancing in a similar way to a custom-built dance hall on certain nights of the week.


To further describe the sort of dance sessions on offer, whether lessons can be obtained etc. use the following:

Tag Values Assumed default Description
dance:teaching boolean (yes/no) no Dancers can obtain tuition.
dance:style Values from No assumed value Semicolon-separated list of dance styles, e.g. "modern_jive;lindy_hop". Might be a good idea to lowercase and underscore_separate for consistency.

Other uses of the dance:* namespace are encouraged. Please document what you do here.

Useful combinations

Many venues (in the UK, at least) put on activities other than social dancing or dance classes, so combinations will happen in practice.

Tag Description
building=... Typically either "yes" or something describing the sort of building the dance floor is in.
name=... Name of the venue.
amenity=music_venue The venue also plays live music on some nights.
amenity=... The amenity namespace doesn't clash, so it can be mixed in freely.

If you do get a clash with some other leisure=... use, use separate nodes and ideally place the leisure=dance node in roughly the centre of the dance floor within the area representing the building. Try not to be too fussy about it, just get the information in there.

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