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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

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Gallery of featured images, from July to September 2013

Details and captions

Week 27 (from Monday 1 July 2013 to Sunday 7 July 2013) [Edit]

map showing the colourised node density of OpenStreetMap data

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Week 28 (from Monday 8 July 2013 to Sunday 14 July 2013) [Edit]

Standard style scaled for low zoom.png
  • English : A modified 'standard' view of OpenStreetMap to reveal coverage worldwide on low zoom levels. Those (0–8) have essentially been created from scaling down tiles (slightly modified and without labels) of zoom level 9 and adding the labels afterwards. This experiment by Frederik Ramm can be viewed as a zoomable map (comparison via “+” on the right); more details of the technical approach.

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Week 29 (from Monday 15 July 2013 to Sunday 21 July 2013) [Edit]

Map with an illustration of mountain range labelling

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Week 30 (from Monday 22 July 2013 to Sunday 28 July 2013) [Edit]

Photo of street signs showing complicated access restrictions to a pedestrianised area

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Week 31 (from Monday 29 July 2013 to Sunday 4 August 2013) [Edit]

slippy map screenshot of the project “Mapeamento Colaborativo - Gestão Urbana SP” (São Paulo)

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Week 32 (from Monday 5 August 2013 to Sunday 11 August 2013) [Edit]

Two people (and some donkeys) at the "Dal gps alla montagna" Mapping Party, an event in the mountains of Trentino, Italy.

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Week 33 (from Monday 12 August 2013 to Sunday 18 August 2013) [Edit]

A fruity OSM 9th birthday cake

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Week 34 (from Monday 19 August 2013 to Sunday 25 August 2013) [Edit]

SOTM Baltics 2013 group photo
  • English : Mappers, users and developers from Baltic States, Russia, Finland and other countries gathered at the SOTM Baltics 2013 OSM local conference in Tartu, Estonia

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Week 35 (from Monday 26 August 2013 to Sunday 1 September 2013) [Edit]

wooden trough fed by water from the rain gutter of a hut
  • English : While out mapping the world OSM mappers come across some curious things. Shown here: a wooden trough fed by water from the rain gutter of a hut. Possibly it is a watering place for animals.

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Week 36 (from Monday 2 September 2013 to Sunday 8 September 2013) [Edit]

a transparent laser-etched acrylic map of OpenStreetMap buildings in central Glasgow with a green glow and a person behind

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Week 37 (from Monday 9 September 2013 to Sunday 15 September 2013) [Edit]

State of the Map group photo
  • English : State Of The Map 2013, the annual OpenStreetMap conference, was held in Birmingham, England, from 6th to 8th September 2013.

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Week 38 (from Monday 16 September 2013 to Sunday 22 September 2013) [Edit]

Giant OSM based billboard

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Week 39 (from Monday 23 September 2013 to Sunday 29 September 2013) [Edit]

Battlegrid screenshot
  • English : The TIGER Battlegrid map shows colourful grid squares (orange for urban, green for countryside) for parts of the U.S. where more TIGER fixup work is needed by comparing with the newer TIGER 2012 data. Read more on this blog post

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