Finland Corine 2006 Import

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Notice on June 2019

New forest import started on April 2019, more details in Finland Forest 2019 Creation.

Major problem on January 2012

Corine Land Cover import has done only partially in Finland. Corine Land Cover has been updated between 25°-31° longitude and 60°-63° latitude.

OSM CorineLandCoverFinland 2012-01.png

Short plan

Let's import rest of the Corine 2006 Land Cover data to OSM!

  1. Using Corine Land Cover 2006 seamless vector data - version 13. Version 15 data layers have some coordinate transformation problems.
  2. Conversion from source coordinate system (ETRS_1989_LAEA_52N_10E EPSG:3035) to EPSG:4326 with ogr2ogr (version 1.8.0)
  3. Combine different layers (see table below) to one single layer
  4. Split layers to 0.5 degree rectangles
  5. Compare current OSM data and Corine data. Filter out polygons which overlap existing polygons. <under a construction>
  6. Convert data to OSM format with modified
  7. Load OSM-files to OSM database bulk_upload -script
  8. Manually edit border lines and also Corine polygons which are automatically filtered<need guideline for this>

Common tags

<TBD> clc:code clc:id note source: created by: area

Corine Land Cover classes

This is still under a construction!

CLC code CLC Name OSM tag Notes
131 Corine Mineral extraction site landuse=quarry
211 Corine Non-irrigated arable land landuse=farm
231 Corine Pastures landuse=meadow
243 Corine Land principally occupied by agriculture landuse=farm
311 Corine Broad-leaved forest natural=wood + wood=deciduous Should perhaps use landuse=forest instead
312 Corine Coniferous forest natural=wood + wood=coniferous Should perhaps use landuse=forest instead
313 Corine Mixed forest natural=wood + wood=mixed Should perhaps use landuse=forest instead
321 Corine Natural grasslands natural=grassland
322 Corine Moors and heathland natural=heath
324 Corine Transitional woodland shrub natural=scrub + wood=mixed
331 Corine Beaches, dunes, sands natural=beach
332 Corine Bare rocks natural=rock
333 Corine Sparsely vegetated areas natural=scrub
411 Corine Inland marshes natural=wetland
412 Corine Peat Bogs natural=wetland First download named this as "Beat Bogs"


Current situation

Process hold on April 2012. Maybe we should re-start it (April 2013)