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Improve Routing in Maine.

  • Add missing roads
  • Fix details of existing roads (geometry, names, details)
  • Verify route relations


Planning, seeking collaborators and consensus.

Data Sources

Primary Data Source: Road Details and Geometry

  • Maine Roads - NG911 select the green rectangle for a shape file
  • I have verified that the license is compatible with OSM
  • The data has the following shortcomings:
    • SPEED is unreliable
    • ONEWAY is sometimes missing
    • STREETNAME is missing punctuation, and sometimes conflicts with street signs (I've requested clarification from MEDOT)
    • RDCLASS is less granular than OSM's highway tag
    • Some elements like islands are marked as roads

Secondary Data Sources: Alignment

  • Strava Heatmap
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Bing Street Side


Convert .shp to .osm using JOSM, then use this script with this tool to perform these changes:

Click on BOLD tags to see exact translation.

Then "simplify" and "dissolve" the result.

Act 1: Repair Missing or Misnamed Roads

  • Get an OSM extract
  • Use OSM pipeline to Create a file of "missing" public roads.
    • Should I include private roads too? Clearly public roads are more important
    • Find all E911 Road Nodes which don't have any similarly named OSM Road Nodes near them.
    • Slice it into manageable pieces with upload=never
    • Distribute the missing roads file somehow? The whole file really isn't that big. But how do you keep multiple mappers from stepping on toes?
  • Use Task Manager (somehow?) to coordinate mappers?
  • Manual review with JOSM, maybe with a session file?
    • OSM Maine snapshot?
    • Translated E911_Maine_Roads
    • OSMInspector Address validation
    • Strava Layer (for geometry)
    • Bing Imagery
  • Commits will include specific tags, and messages? A link to this site?
  • Using these changeset tags

Act 2: Fix Geometry and details of existing roads

Could suggest a highway tag based on context: straightness, length, connectivity, Ref tags, membership in a relation, Highlight extreme differences

Find another source for speed limits? (E911 isn't accurate)

Highlight one-way differences between the data source and OSM

Remove these Tiger tags

  • name_* (should become alt_name)
  • tiger:county
  • tiger:name_base*
  • tiger:name_type
  • tiger:zip_left*
  • tiger:zip_right*
  • tiger:reviewed
  • tiger:source
  • tiger:upload_uuid
  • tiger:cfcc
  • tiger:separated
  • source
  • created_by
  • oneway=yes

Maybe keep these tags:

  • tiger:tlid (for reference?)

Act 3: Repair Routes

Relations and ref tags

This has official names of ME routes:

Route relations should have wikidata or wikipedia tags.

Route relations should have a network tag.

Act 4: Validation

  • All highway={motorway, trunk, primary, secondary, tertiary, residential} should have a name= or noname=, or should be changed to a service road
  • There shouldn't be any severe jumps between connected highway types. (No Motorway should touch a residential road)

Data sources

  • As a result of the address import, it is easy to find roads with missing names or wrong names usig GeoFabrik's Address validation layer.
    • In iD: go to Background Settings -> Custom ->{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
  • There is street level view from Bing maps
    • In iD: go to Map Data -> Photo Overlays -> Bing Streetside.
  • There is a tools that highlights missing road names
    • In iD: go to Background Settings -> Custom ->{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
  • Maine has an E911 road layer GIS data (Warning, road names are missing punctuation)
    • In iD: use this iD fork. But it would need for the schema to be translated.
  • There is also recent Tiger data available.
    • In iD: go to Background Settings -> Overlays -> TIGER Roads 2019 (or most recent)

Possible Collaborators

Please add your username to this list if you want to plan, implement, or validate this project.

  • blackboxlogic
  • tmerc58
  • Alan Bragg
  • vorpalblade
  • aweech
  • ZeLonewolf (maybe just municipal boundaries)
  • pokey
  • ‪St Pauls
  • emulsi
  • mtc

Questions that need to be answered

What should happen to tiger:reviewed=no tags? Is Maine's data source enough to claim that it is reviewed.

How to slice Maine into manageable chunks? I've set up taskmanager for Franklin County. "Draft" is at

Who is going to be doing work?

Which roads should get noname tags?

Should I generate josm session files? What should they have in them? Should I include subject data, or will it get stale?

Should I trust max_speed? NO. Not from E911. Maybe from MEDOT? Should I include source:maxspeed?

Should alt_names be "Route 302" or "State Route 302" or "Maine State Route 302"? Should it be "US Route 1", or "U.S. Route 1"? "Route 1A" or "Route 1 Bypass"?

There are some "roads" that are lakes, there are some "roads" that are islands

Do people have github accounts? Could that: Track issues, track progress, distribute files.

What to do when there is a naming conflict between osm and E911 data