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A shop that rents different kinds vehicles or (sport) equipment. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Shops
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A shop that rents different kinds of vehicles or (sport) equipment

Some rentals can't be determined exactly, as they offer a mix of different vehicles / equipment. If there's no "main purpose" (vehicle / sport / craft type), use shop=rental.

To express which kinds of vehicles / equipment and services are offered, use the corresponding services tags (See section "Vehicle types" below). This "neutral key" is thought to be used similar as shop=vehicles, while the vehicles shop is mainly selling vehicles and accessories. For shops which also rent different types of vehicles / equipment, use the corresponding shop=* type, for example shop=sports or shop=motorcycle.

How to map

Set a node at the center of the shop or draw an area along its outline.

Tag it with shop=rental and name=*.

Tags used in combination

Adding rental type

There are currently three options to tag what is rented. Each of which it's owns pros and cons. Therefore, it is best to use whichever option best fits your situation. That said, there has been a DVG block[1] against a user performing mechanical edits changing rental=* to the namespace scheme.[2][3]

  1. Using a rental namespace
  2. Using a rental tag
  3. Using boat types

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