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This page collects and describes the various tags being used for entities related to rental. There are a number of schemes related to the topic. Each of which has its own pros and cons. As such, this article should serve as a neutral, non-bias repository of the various tags currently available.

As rental shops

As rental amenities

As rental office

As a "service"

Using a tag

Proposed features/rental

Using a namespace

Note: There has been a DWG block[1] against a user performing mechanical edits changing rental=* to the namespace scheme.[2][3]

Boat rental

Tag Description Photo Taginfo
motorboat_rental=yes/no (Optional) If motorboats are for rent.
houseboat_rental=yes/no (Optional) If houseboats are for rent.
Modernes Hausboot.jpg
pedalboat_rental=yes/no (Optional) If pedal boats are for rent.
Tretboot Modell Schwan.jpg
jetski_rental=yes/no (Optional) If jetskis are for rent. Also see shop=jetski
Jetski (14709345324).jpg
sailboat_rental=yes/no (optional) If sailing boats are for rent.
Segelboot Starnberger See.jpg
dinghy_rental=yes/no (Optional) If rowing boats are for rent.
Rowboat with oars.jpg
kayak_rental=yes/no (Optional) If kayaks are for rent.
Wda Kajak 2005 Szumyk.jpg
canoe_rental=yes/no (Optional) If canoes are for rent.
Canoe boat ride for tourists..JPG
standup_paddleboard_rental=yes/no (Optional) If stand-up paddle boards are for rent.
Lake Annecy (15279372385).jpg

Building rental