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Public-images-osm logo.svg Prefix service:vehicle:*
Services for vehicles (See also Key:service)
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taginfo: service:vehicle:*

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This page describes a key prefix rather than a simple key.

The service:vehicle:* tagging scheme was introduced by iD Editor as a way to tag what the type of services a shop=car(dealership) and shop=car_repair object provides, in a way that does not conflict with the existing use of the service=* scheme used for tagging service roads (highway=service).


A few of the most used tagging combinations are listed below. More can be found by doing a search on Taginfo.

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Another alternative is using the service=* tagging scheme to tag what kind of services a car repair shop provides. The service=* key has mainly been used together with highway=service tag and the different usage in association with shop=car_repair might be confusing to some users. Another alternative is to a car:*=* namespace tagging scheme. Neither scheme has been discussed or approved though, but at least service:vehicle:*=* is used more than the two other options. Although, tagging should not be based on prior tagging numbers alone.

Usage statistics

Usage statistics for the major vehicle service tagging schemes, broken down by the primary feature types that these schemes are combined with:

Overall usage as of August 2022
Tagging scheme Total usage
service:vehicle:*=* 18,043
service=dealer/repair/tyres/fuel/parts/oil[1] 17,818
car:*=* 687
Usage on car repair shops as of August 2022
Tagging combination Total usage
shop=car_repair service:vehicle:*=* 12,589
shop=car_repair service=* 11,327
shop=car_repair service=dealer/repair/tyres/fuel/parts/oil[1] 10,561
shop=car_repair car:*=* 328
Usage on car dealerships as of August 2022
Tagging combination Total usage
shop=car service=* 4,994
shop=car service=dealer/repair/tyres/fuel/parts/oil[1] 4,921
shop=car service:vehicle:*=* 4,476
shop=car car:*=* 210
Usage on motorcycle repair shops as of August 2022
Tagging combination Total usage
shop=motorcycle_repair service:vehicle:*=* 187
shop=motorcycle_repair service=* 56
shop=motorcycle_repair service=dealer/repair/tyres/fuel/parts/oil[1] 53
shop=motorcycle_repair car:*=* 2
Usage on caravan dealerships as of August 2022
Tagging combination Total usage
shop=caravan service:vehicle:*=* 45
shop=caravan service=* 25
shop=caravan service=dealer/repair/tyres/fuel/parts/oil[1] 25
shop=caravan car:*=* 0

Tag history

Introduced by iD without discussion[2], become quite widely used.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 These are the values documented in Key:service#Business services. One technical downside of the service=* tagging scheme for car repair is that it uses a non-freeform key, but because of overloading, undocumented values are ambiguous as to which tagging scheme they apply to.