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Public-images-osm logo.svg tower:type
Песочин ТЭЦ5 Градирни VizuIMG 2181.JPG
Describes the type of tower or mast. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Tower type combined with man_made=tower or man_made=mast


Key Value Comment Rendering Photo
Masts (man_made=mast)
tower:type communication Communication mast
Mast communications.svg
Mobile phone base station 2010 12 30 165211 PC304165.jpg
tower:type lighting Poles for lighting
Mast lighting.svg
Rosenaustadion Flutlicht Lampen.JPG
Towers (man_made=tower)
tower:type communication Communication towers
Tower cantilever communication.svg
Greifswald Funkturm Hans-Beimler-Straße July-2010 SL274692.JPG
tower:type communication Lattice communication towers
+ structure=lattice
Tower lattice communication.svg
Torii-Tower 7810.jpg
tower:type radar Radar tower
Radar tower airport Frankfurt - Radarturm Flughafen Frankfurt - 02.jpg
tower:type observation Observation tower
Tower observation.svg
Prochenberg Aussichtsturm.jpg
tower:type watchtower Watch Tower
Tower observation.svg
tower:type bell_tower Bell tower
Tower bell tower.svg
Bell tower. View from north.jpg
tower:type minaret Minaret
New Minner of masjid.JPG
tower:type stupa Stupa. Dome-type or tower structure typically in Buddhist temple.
Golden wat tower (stupa).jpg
tower:type pagoda Tiered tower with multiple eaves, can be for religious or decorative purposes. Pagoda on wikipedia
Pagoda at Xingshengjiao Temple.jpg
tower:type defensive Fortified defensive tower
Tower defensive.svg
Ravensburg Hirschgraben Wehrturm.jpg
tower:type cooling Cooling tower
Tower cooling.svg
Cooling Towers.jpg
tower:type climbing Artificial structure for sports climbing
2014-04-19 Kletterturm Berlin-Spandau.jpg
tower:type user defined All commonly used values according to Taginfo
Tower freestanding.svg
A huge tower for transmitting radio applications (man_made=communications_tower)
man_made communications_tower Communication towers
Communication tower-14.svg
Berliner Fernsehturm - von süden 1.jpg

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See also

  • tower:construction=* - Describes the construction of a tower or mast
  • man_made=tower - A tower is a building, which is higher than it is wide
  • man_made=mast - A mast is a vertical structure built to hold, for example, antennas