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Welcome to Mappa Mercia — a home for OpenStreetMap enthusiasts in the Midlands (England).

Since starting in July 2006 we have extensively mapped the Midlands region and have expanded the community of individuals and organisations that understand the benefits OpenStreetMap brings to the local region.

In 2013 we were delighted to host 300 people for the official annual OpenStreetMap conference, State of the Map (2013 website). More recently we have enjoyed working with Transport for West Midlands, Birmingham City Council and Amey. We look forward to many more great collaborations as HS2 is built.

See our dedicated website: for more OpenStreetMap related offerings.


We are a friendly bunch and anyone with an interest in OpenStreetMap (or maps in general) is welcome, so do please come along if you can. If you cannot make any of these locations feel free to propose alternatives throughout the Midlands for our summer calendar. During winter months we often retire to a warm pub in central Birmingham.

Date Location Details
04 Apr 2019 Alcester, Warwickshire Meet at The Bear, High St from 7:30pm.
02 May 2019 Coventry Meet at Botanist, Broadgate from 7:30pm.
TBC Jun 2019 Wombourne, Staffordshire A saturday - details to be confirmed.
04 Jul 2019 Bromsgrove Evening location to be confirmed.
TBC Aug 2019 Southam A saturday - details to be confirmed.
05 Sep 2019 Droitwich Evening location to be confirmed.
TBC Oct 2019 Rugby (and Houlton) A saturday - details to be confirmed.

The times shown here are the earliest time we suggest arriving at the meeting place. You are of course welcome (and encouraged) to map the location beforehand. With others doing the same it may take half an hour before everyone congregates at the meeting place. If you plan to arrive within the first half hour (or want to map with others beforehand) please contact us so we can arrange to meet you.

Please sign up to the talk-gb-westmidlands OSM Mailing List to stay informed of any changes.

Keep in touch

Mailing List

There is a West Midlands specific (+ East Midlands for the time being) mailing list for general discussion:

Mappa Mercia Website

A dedicated website for use by the OSM midlands community hosted at The site includes custom made maps and a blog - we welcome guest content. A big thank-you to Christoph and Stu for helping to build the website, and to blackadder for registering the domain.

Current Primary Mapping Focus

Mini-Project Notes and contributors
1 Blue Plaques separate render for Birmingham Civic Society. Tag with OpenPlaques UID, for example openplaques_plaque=15555.
2 Buildings Labelling of major buildings with names and heritage status (e.g is it a Listed Building?) and tracing every building from bing and labelling with an address. Andy has set the standard in Sutton Coldfield. Good tracking software available at - you have to choose the addresses option in the box which has a default setting of "geometry"
3 Footpaths Loads left to do almost everywhere. Also completing relations for major named footpaths: Heart of England Way need completing; Monarch's Way almost non-existent; A Coventry Way; North Worcestershire Path needs completing
4 Turn Restrictions Most are probably not entered as relations. We can't route through the West Midlands without them. There's a neat tool for verifying turn restrictions at which will then render nice German traffic signs(now it renders UK signs!) on the map.
5 Winter Maintenance - Road Gritting & Grit Bins Adding gritting routes and grit bin data from local authorities in the region. Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Solihull complete: current focus is Coventry, Dudley and Sandwell - See /gritting for current update and tasks.
6 Sculptures & monuments We're the pilot region for the UK's Public Monuments & Sculpture Association PMSA) records (The database for the West Midlands can be found at Birmingham City Centre pretty well entered now - it's a good incentive to get out and map other things as well as the fun of tracking down the sculptures!
7 Utilities Power lines and pylons are pretty complete in Birmingham, Substations, sewage plants, gas venting stations, sewage pumping stations all need attention. Also the West Midlands has a dense network of underground pipelines for gas and oil, the latter emanating from the oil terminals at Kingsbury, BHX airport, Bromford (not sure about Bedworth). These can be traced by locating and mapping the pipeline markers
8 Land Use Built up areas look nice when they're rendered with land use colours. Mostly complete-just small pockets left to do and keeping up-to-date with changes e.g brownfield to construction to residential
9 Allotments Add internal service roads/ paths; buildings, etc. Add number of plots and presence of toilets from (in Birmingham) see pageAllotments Project. Pretty much complete.
10 Bicycle Parking BCC has provided its full list and details of all bicycle parking in the city. Contact Blackadder if you want access to the reference data to help map them all into OSM. There is a user page for this project here: Birmingham/Bicycle_Parking.
11 UTC traffic management data collaboration with Birmingham City Council. A joint bcc-mappamercia team is working on a prototype tagging scheme and editing a pilot SCOOT region in the city ( A SCOOT region is a collection of adjacent junctions and crossings)
12 defibrillators. 90 added by Central England Co-operative in 2016; "hundreds more planned for 2017"


  • Blackadder. See my user page for more details.
  • Richard. Based in Charlbury. Also mapping Worcester. Wednesday evening is good for me.
  • Matthew Newton. Mapping in and around Loughborough, together with routes in and out of Leicester.
  • Clive. Mapping in and around Leicester, with a particular interest in cycle routes, and villages along the N6.
  • Ben.. Mapping South Northants/Noth Bucks Area. Also have done Middlesbrough, Pembrokshire, Central Norfolk and parts of the Cotswold Area. Chosen method is by car or bike. I think this is my current closest usergroup, but that may change.
  • Ojw in Bedford
  • Moreati in Castle Bromwich.
  • Vgrade in Kettering.
  • Stephen Isaac in North Birmingham. Most times are good for me.
  • Craig Shelley in Swadlincote, Burton upon Trent.
  • Tom Higgy in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
  • Russ Phillips. Primarily mapping around Stoke on Trent. Also collecting postcodes where possible
  • Greg Robson - Working on South Birmingham, and some areas of Warwickshire.
  • Matt Working on Tamworth.
  • elvin currently mapping local area between Derby, Ashbourne, Belper and Wirksworth - interested in mobile mapping and developing software using OSM data
  • Ron Wellsted Wolverhampton
  • Chris Procter in Kings Heath.
  • Richard B, in Cheshire, probably a bit far north to be truly "Midlands", but I wouldn't mind joining in any events in the northern Midlands.
  • brianboru, in Acocks Green, but mapping ranges widely over South and East Birmingham, also slowly adding mountain peaks and geographical features to the Scottish Highlands
  • Jonathan Riddell, in Glorious Tipton. I like Whitewater Maps.
  • Matthew Flint is between Nottingham and Grantham.
  • Nick Barnes in Balsall Common.
  • Brian Lucas is a newbie based in Selly Oak
  • Xoff is active in the south of Birmingham, mostly around Bournville.
  • Mark Iliffe Around Leicester and Leicestershire, previously of Nancy, France
  • Richard Rothwell [deceased] primarily mapping around Lye in the Black Country.
  • Tim Retout in Rugby.
  • Thomas Riggs in Market Harborough.
  • Matt Williams at University of Warwick near Coventry.
  • Mike Duffy (Deceased) in Great Barr. Wandering around Wednesbury
  • Simon Halsey in Keyworth, mapping South Notts & bits of Loughborough
  • Andrew Ainsworth in Market Harborough
  • Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing) - Learning! Also able to help out with microformat-related matters; and involved on other web/ social media groups in Birmingham.
  • Steve Brook In south Worcester area.
  • Jonathan Harley in Coventry
  • Iain Simpson in Stafford
  • Mary Mooney wherever the fancy takes me
  • Jon in Redditch, done work on Redditch Town but plans to improve public footpaths where I walk.
  • RobJN in Coventry and Warwickshire.
  • Overflorian in Coventry
  • mrpacmanmap in Oldbury, West Bromwich, Bearwood and Blackheath
  • theid in Worcestershire

Simply add your details above and/or send an email to Blackadder

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