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Open Historical Map (OHM) is a site that uses the OpenStreetMap (OSM) software stack as a foundation for building an open source, user-editable historical map. This project's goal is to create the world's most universal, detailed, and out-of-date map. It's almost like taking all of the old maps and historical maps we can find and combining them into one. OHM will focus on the mapping the geo-objects that OSM is great at mapping - shorelines, political boundaries, buildings, ways, and points of interest. Future and other efforts may engage in discussing historical actions, events, people, and movable items.

OHM Contributors include members of the OSM community, academic dataset providers, historical societies, digital humanities students and faculty, armchair historians, open data providers, open data enthusiasts, and any number of other map data creators. This is not to discount the innumerable number of software developers who have contributed time and energy to the rich set of OSM software and tools that also make OHM possible, but they are not included, in this strictest sense in "OHM Contributors," which refers to data contributors.


OpenHistoricalMap welcomes contributions of map data from the general public. OHM's tagging guide supplements OSM's map features with some adjustments to accommodate historical mapping. Information about using historic imagery and maps with OHM is being put in the new Open Historical Map/Imagery page.

OHM's community is a civil, sharing, and respectful group. That said, codifying what that means is important and we have done so. Read the details of the OHM Code of Conduct here.


  • /Land acknowledgment
  • /Communication – how to contact the OpenHistoricalMap community
  • /Projects – places and themes that the community has focused on mapping
  • /Resources – imagery and other online resources that are useful to multiple projects
  • /Bibliography – papers, presentations, and other works about OpenHistoricalMap
  • /Reuse – how to reuse OpenHistoricalMap in your own project
  • /Development – how to contribute to the project's technical development
  • /Copyright – the project's copyright policy
  • /OHM Contributors – required attribution of imported data sources

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