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OpenHistoricalMap goes beyond the present, mapping places throughout the world… throughout the ages.
No community is too small, no story too obscure to add to this map.
Everyone has something to contribute, including you!


To contribute to OpenHistoricalMap, go to the main map, zoom in to a place of interest, and click the "Edit" button. If you are familiar with editing OpenStreetMap, the OpenHistoricalMap editing experience is very similar. See the tagging guidelines for information on a few changes we've made to accommodate the time dimension.

We also maintain several software projects to facilitate map contributions and data reuse. Please report any issues and send us your ideas on GitHub.

Then and now

From OpenHistoricalMap's community projects:

Left: City limits of San Jose, California, as of March 1968. Right: The same location today.

On this day

Selected establishments and disestablishments on June 22:

Stallupönen (now Nesterov) is granted town privileges by Frederick William I of Prussia.
Prussia's Rhine Province is formed from the Lower Rhine Province and Province of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.
The BMT Nassau Street Line's southbound Manhattan Bridge tracks open for service in New York City.
The Hotel Almo opens in Tampa, Florida.
The Windmill Theatre opens in London.
In Michigan, the Village of Huntington Woods incorporates as a city, withdrawing from Royal Oak Township.
Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte, becomes a city.
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