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This page lists the possibilities to map parklets of different types in OSM. Parklets are features in public space that can be found in more and more cities around the world:

»A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. Usually parklets are installed on parking lanes and use several parking spaces. Parklets typically extend out from the sidewalk at the level of the sidewalk to the width of the adjacent parking space.
Parklets are intended for people. Parklets offer a place to stop, to sit, and to rest while taking in the activities of the street. In instances where a parklet is not intended to accommodate people, it may provide greenery, art, or some other visual amenity. A parklet may accommodate bicycle parking within it, or bicycle parking may be associated with it.«
– See more on Wikipedia.

How to map

Parklets usually are open to the general public. However, not only since the Corona pandemic there is an increasing number of parklets that are used as outdoor areas of gastronomic facilities. Since the intention of both types is different, there are two different ways to map parklets in OSM:

  • Parklets intended for use by the general public (e.g. to increase the quality of public space or for pedestrians to stop, rest or meet): leisure=parklet


Typical parklet with seatings open to the general public.
missing foto: Planter designed as a parklet.
Parklet providing outdoor seating in front of a restaurant.
Parklet only for bicycle parking.
Parklet with seatings and bicycle parking.
Public parklet with seatings and plants.
(as separate, same shaped area?)
(as separate node)