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Sidewalk extension on parking lanes that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Leisure
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The tag leisure=parklet is used to map parklets. Parklets are sidewalk extensions on parking lanes that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. They often offer a place to stop, sit and rest or provide greenery, art, or some other visual amenity. Usually they are open to the general public. For parklets that are outdoor gastronomic areas intended for customers of, for example, a café or restaurant, see leisure=outdoor_seating + outdoor_seating=parklet instead. For general information about parklets, see also Parklets or Wikipedia.

How to map

Draw the outline of the parklet as a separate closed way, or add a point in the center of it and tag it with leisure=parklet.

Parklets can be designed very differently. Many offer seats, others are completely covered with plants, contain art or small exhibition areas or offer possibilities to park bicycles. Subtags like parklet:seatings=yes, parklet:greenery=yes etc. might be useful to distinguish different types of parklets. However, benches (amenity=bench), bicycle parking (amenity=bicycle_parking), planters (man_made=planter) or artwork (tourism=artwork) can also be additionally mapped as separate features inside the parklet area.

Some parklets are not permanently available, but for example only in the summer months. Tag seasonal=* in this case.

For parklets that are for customers of gastronomic facilities, use leisure=outdoor_seating + outdoor_seating=parklet instead. They may be structurally identical, but their intended use is fundamentally different. operator=* (e.g. the name of the café or restaurant that is associated with the parklet) is a useful addition in this case.

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