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Golf course
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Wabba
Tagging: golf=*
Applies to: node/way/area/relation
Definition: Golf course
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-03-09
RFC start: 2012-10-08


Hole (node)

(Added by Stevage - the idea of treating the two end-nodes of a way specially is unusual. Better to have explicit nodes. It's easier on renderers, and I think it wouldn't be uncommon to just want to render the location of each hole/pin, without the rest)

Tag Description
ref=<number> number of this hole, usually 1 to 18

Hole (way)

Tag Description
ref=<number> number of this hole, usually 1 to 18
par=<number> or par:<tee color>=<number> par, [1]
handicap=<number> or handicap:<tee color>=<number> handicap rating; 1 (hardest) to 18 (easiest)
dist:<tee color>=<number> distance from tee to pin
name=<text> If this hole has a name, specify it, e.g [2] (Thanks Milliams)


  • for tee colors, see [3]
  • way should resemble the "ideal line" of the hole
  • par, handicap and dist information can be found on the score card


  • black line
  • first node = tee
  • last node = pin

Hole (area)

  • golf=hole
  • this includes the whole area of a hole, especially teeing zone, fairway and putting green

Grass (areas)

  • rough: golf=rough, [4]
  • fairway: golf=fairway, [5]
  • putting green: golf=green, [6]
  • tee box(es): golf=tee, [7]
  • practice(s) : golf=practice


  • Bunker (area): golf=bunker [8]
  • Water (area): golf=water_hazard
  • Lateral water (area): golf=lateral_water_hazard

Thanks to User:Lawgon for pointing this out: "Whether the water hazards have water in them or not is not really relevant to a golfer". Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes, lateral water hazards with red ones. For more information, visit Wikipedia

Official reference:

Out of bounds

Item node way area
golf=out_of_bounds stakes rendered as white dots white line white line for area's boundary

When stakes are used to define out of bounds, these stakes should be painted white. [...] Out of bounds may be defined by a line on the ground and such a line should be white. The white line itself is out of bounds. A line will certainly provide a clear definition of the boundary, however, due to the terrain, establishing a line may prove difficult and its upkeep may be time consuming.

Official reference: R&A, Guidance on Running a Competition, Marking the course, Out of bounds

Dropping zones

... to be developed

Dropping zones should be outlined with paint and an appropriate sign should be placed, or the words “Dropping Zone” (or “DZ”) painted, in the area. ... Committees may wish to relate the colour of the paint line to the condition from which relief is being taken, e.g. yellow if the dropping zone relates to a water hazard, red if it relates to a lateral water hazard, but there is no necessity to do this.

Official reference: R&A, Guidance on Running a Competition, Marking the course, Dropping zones

Environment-Sensitive Areas

Reuse of boundary=protected_area

Where areas on or adjoining the course are declared by an appropriate authority to be environmentally-sensitive and, therefore, entry into and/or play from the areas is prohibited, the area should be physically protected to deter players from entering the area, for example, with a fence, warning signs and the like.

Official reference: R&A, Guidance on Running a Competition, Marking the course, Environment-Sensitive Areas


Paths etc.

Golf Course (relation)


Tag Description
name=<text> Name of this course. If golf club has more than 1 course, specify different names, i.e. "... - 9 holes" and "... - 18 holes"
cr:<tee color>=<number> course rating, see [12]
sr:<tee color>=<number> slope rating, see [13]


Way Role Recurrence Description
way hole one or more (typically 18 or 9) all the holes that make up a course

Golf Course (area)

Use leisure=golf_course to outline the physical boundaries of the golf course.


see score card of Golf-Club Baden-Baden e.V, Germany

This proposal is also used at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa. As an example see

Hole 1 (way)


course of Golf-Club Baden-Baden (relation)

name=Golf-Club Baden-Baden e.V.


Please use the discussion page.


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