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oneway type
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: HalverHahn
Tagging: oneway_type=*
Drafted on: 2016-09-26


The proposal is to introduce a oneway_type=*-key.


Reason for this proposal is that one can not distinguish different types oneway.

This is helpful for:

  • Rendering one-way arrows only on true one-way streets to reduce map noise
  • Finding true one-way streets to survey for bicycle exceptions (oneway:bicycle=*).

Examples and Tagging

Value Photo Description
oneway_type=oneway_street photo? Normal oneway-roads (often residential), sometimes with more than one lane for the same direction.
oneway_type=no_entry photo? A few two way roads have a no-entry sign 3.1 Russian road sign.svg. This is often mapped as a short part of the road with oneway=yes. (DE:Unechte Einbahnstraße)
oneway_type=separate_directions or
photo? Roads with separated carriageways for each direction. Example: motorway-like roads. But a combination of highway=motorway and oneway=yes should implies this value, because the predominant of motorways (97.22%) has separate carriageways. So motorways don't need an extra oneway_type=separate_carriageway.
oneway_type=road_divider photo? Short splitted roads, often at junction or at traffic islands (if they don't tagged as a node).
oneway_type=link photo? *_link roads.
photo? Service/access roads. Example: access to underground parking.

Do we need the same for junction=roundabout who is oneway=yes is implemented in it?
Do we need oneway_type=cycleway to be able to select all oneway=* at cycleways, even if they tagged as highway=cycleway, highway=path, highway=footway or something else?

Applies to

The tag should be applied to all roads with contains oneway=*.


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Feel free to correct/complete the proposal and let us know better names for the tag value. Please comment on the discussion page.