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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: tntchn
Tagging: shop=bubble_tea
Applies to: node area
Definition: A place sells bubble tea, milk tea, milk, juice and other similar beverages.
Drafted on: 2020-06-26
RFC start: 2020-06-26


The tag shop=bubble_tea describe shops providing freshly made bubble tea, juice, milk tea or other beverages.


Bubble tea shop are usually tagged as shop=beverages.

Bubble tea shop is a very common shop type in Taiwan. According to the statistic data by MOEA Taiwan, there are nearly 20,000 bubble tea shop in Taiwan. Currently lots of the bubble tea shop like 茶湯會TP-Tea, 大苑子DaYungs, 清心福全ChingShin tagged as shop=beverages Example 1 Example 2. Beside brand those have many shops oversea like CoCo, 日出茶太Chatime are tagged as amenity=cafe + cuisine=bubble_tea Example 1 Example 2, most of those are located in malls or department stores.

Bubble tea shops have several features:

  • Providing fresh tea and juice
  • Usually only for takeaway, few have seats like cafe
  • Providing deliver service

According to shop=beverages and Proposed features/Beverages, that are more like beverages market selling cans or bottles or beer, cokes and other beverages. It's widely used in Germany that containing many beer or wine resellers. People might be able to purchase a box of coke in such these places and some of them also providing some potato chips or other snacks.

amenity=cafe is much like places providing casual place for people drinking coffee or having light meal, yet roadside coffee shop may use this tag along with takeaway=only.

Map as cafe or beverage shop may confusing map users and those who want to research, so it's better to have a independence tag to point out the bubble tea shops.


Tagging until now Tagging with proposed tags Example images
A bubble tea shop located in Tainan, selling tea, milk tea (creamer/milk), juice tea with topping boba, coconut jelly, jelly and taro balls.

漫渡拾光 民族店 IMG 4238.JPG

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The cup icon is suitable for this kind of shops, but the bottle graph may be removed.

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