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Домашние животные и животные очень важны в нашем обществе, и есть много удобств, которые обеспечивают уход и благополучие домашних животных (например, собак, кошек) и животных-компаньонов (например, лошадь). OpenStreetMap имеет только ограниченный словарный запас для сопоставления таких объектов, и эта страница предназначена для представления текущего содержания тегов и предоставления резюме предложений. Список следует считать неполным и представительным.

Ориентированные на животных пары тегов-значение

Используется для отображения объектов, связанных с уходом за домашними животными.

Key Value Element Definition & comments Status Animals Rendering Photo
amenity veterinary   Место, где ветеринарный врач (ветеринар) практикует. Established taginfo All
shop pet   Зоомагазин или зоомагазин - это розничный бизнес, который продает разные виды животных. Зоомагазины также продают корма для животных, принадлежности и аксессуары. Дополнительные теги для рассмотрения: name=*building=yes; виды животных, к которым относится магазин, такие как fish=yesor reptile=yes. Established taginfo All
North Smithfield Animal Hospital Rhode Island.jpg
amenity animal_training   For mapping non-competitive training facilities for animals. To designate the animal type being trained, use animal_training=horse or animal_training=dog, for instance. Two animal-specific tags are in rare-use: amenity=dog_training (taginfo) and amenity=horse_training (taginfo). There was also a 2008 proposed feature for sport=dog_training, which would be related to competitive training. Consider also: name=*network=* for the Association that a particular school might be connected with. Proposed (not in use as of Jan 2012) All
leisure horse riding   Equestrian facility where people practise horse riding Established taginfo Horses
leisure dog park   Обозначенная площадь, с огражденной границей или без нее, где владельцам собак разрешено использовать своих питомцев без ограничений Established taginfo Dogs
vending excrement_bags Point of sale for dog excrement bags. Should be combined with amenity=vending_machine. Additional tags to consider: payment=*name=*operator=* Established taginfo Dogs
amenity dog_bin The use of this tag is discouraged, use amenity=waste_basket + waste=dog_excrementvending=excrement_bags instead. Deprecated taginfo Dogs
highway bridleway A way intended for use by equestrians. Established taginfo Horses
route horse A route-type relation intended for use by equestrians. Established taginfo Horses
horse *   В основном используется для указания ограничений доступа / разрешений для лошадей с наиболее распространенными значениями: «да» или «нет». Чаще всего ассоциируется с highway=*. Established * Horses
dog *   Primarily used to indicate access restrictions / permissions for dogs with most common values being either 'yes' or 'no'. Most commonly associated with highway=*; surprising that there are no instances associated with natural=beachat time of writing. Established * Dogs
sport equestrian   Конный спорт - это спорт, который практикуется с лошадью в качестве партнера, есть шоу-прыжки, выездка, выездка, выносливость, вождение, прыжки, скачки, скачки, рейдинг, привязка палаток, свод, поло, родео и многое другое; скачки имеют отдельный тег, см. ниже. Established taginfo Horses
sport horse_racing   Horse racing is an equestrian sport and major international industry, watched in almost every nation of the world. There are three types: "flat" racing; steeplechasing, i.e. racing over jumps; and harness racing, where horses trot or pace while pulling a driver in a small, light cart known as a sulky. Passage from Wikipedia:Portal:Horse racing/Intro, version 421097495, 28 Mar 2011. Established taginfo Horses
barrier horse_stile Established taginfo Horses
sport dog_racing   Most dog racing is in the form of greyhound racing. Established taginfo Dogs
club dog   (see club=equestrian for description) In use taginfo Dogs
club equestrian   As with other club tags, use this to map the regular meeting place for the club. If the club is a sport-related club, then include the appropriate sport tag (e.g. sport=equestrian). Additional tags to consider: name=*network=* (if the club is part of an association). Proposed taginfo Horses
natural beach   To tag a beach legally accessible to owned animals (usually dogs), use it together with tags like dog=yeshorse=yes and so on.

Consider also to add name=*.

Established taginfo All
animal swimming   Bathing area for owned animals (usually dogs).

Specify animals admitted with tags like dog=yes/nohorse=yes/no and so on. In contrast to a beach for dogs this tag is thought for bathing areas at a lake or river that are not comfortable for humans and are more appealing to dogs. Consider also to add name=*.

In use taginfo All
animal wellness   Animal wellness centre (e.g. dog groomer).

Primarily dogs are getting coiffures, but there might be also services like clipping claws/cutting nails or other beautification services, so we chose the term "wellness". Specify animals admitted with tags like dog=yes/nocat=yes/no and so on.

Consider also to add name=*.

In use taginfo All
amenity animal_breeding   Animal breeding facility, see  stud farm. Additional tags:

animal_breeding=<species>;<species>;... name=*operator=*

Approved taginfo All
amenity animal_shelter   Animal home/shelter: it is a large structure with its own staff that takes care of animals. See Animal shelter for details.

It differs from amenity=shelter + shelter_type=field_shelter that instead is a very simple building, usually only a canopy. Additional tags: animal_shelter=<species>;<species>;...animal_shelter:adoption=yes/no/<species>;<species>;...animal_shelter:release=yes/no/<species>;<species>;*operator=*

Established taginfo All
amenity animal_boarding   Animal boarding facility. See Animal boarding for details. Additional tags:

animal_boarding=<species>;<species>;... name=*operator=*

Established taginfo All
amenity watering_place   A place where animals can drink water, like the analogous tag amenity=drinking_waterdescibes places for human drinking. Approved taginfo All
animal cemetery   Cemetery for animals. There's still a discussion how to tag all the different types of animals for interments.

Specify animals admitted with tags like dog=yes/nocat=yes/nohorse=yes/nohamster=yes/noreptile=yes/no and so on. Consider also to add name=* and operator=*.

In use taginfo All
animal crematorium   Crematory for animals. There's still a discussion which animals/pet-tags should be added for incinerations.

Use with building=yes. Specify animals admitted with tags like dog=yes/nocat=yes/nohorse=yes/nohamster=yes/noreptile=yes/no and so on.

Consider also to add name=* and operator=*.

In use taginfo All
amenity shelter   Used with shelter_type=field_shelterindicates a field shelter for animals.

A field shelter is a very simple building, usually only a canopy, located in the countryside intended to provide shelter for animals (e.g. horses). It differs from amenity=animal_shelter that instead is a large structure with its own staff that takes care of animals.

Specify animals admitted with tags like horse=yes/nosheep=yes/nopig=yes/no and so on. In case of bad weather it could be used also by humans, if it is accessible. Consider to add the tag access=* to specify its legal accessibility, especially access=private if people are not allowed to use it.

Proposed taginfo All
attraction animal   A place where animals are kept in captivity (e.g. a cage or in an aquarium). Found in zoos or animal parks. Using name=*, the name of the animal attraction, or species of the kept animal, or the name=* of the individual animal can be specified. Proposed / In use taginfo All

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