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вертикальный тоннель Edit or translate this description.
Группа: Сооружения
Используется на элементах
точки можно отмечать этим тегомлинии не принято отмечать этим тегомполигоны можно отмечать этим тегомотношения не принято отмечать этим тегом
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Статус: одобрено


Шахтный ствол это вертикальный тоннель. Штольни или galleries не должны отмечаться как шахтные стволы.


The shaft itself.

This describes the current function, so if it is a winding shaft (a shaft where materials and humans are transported) or an air shaft.

What is mined for with the mineshaft. Visit the resources page to view a list of possible values.

If there is a visible headframe above the shaft, this should be set to yes, otherwise no. It should be also set to no if the headframe is enclosed in a building, so that this building can not be easily recognized as part of a mineshaft. Renderers can decide to render mineshaft only if headframe is set to yes, because only then they are easily recognizable in the landscape.

The name of the mine which the mineshaft is a part of.

The operator of the mineshaft, usually the operator of the surrounding mine.

Depth in meters.

The name of the mineshaft.

If the mineshaft is not in use anymore. In this case there sould not be a mineshaft_type-tag.

All this tags can be used on a single node or on an area in combination with building=yes, if there is not only a headframe, but also a building above the shaft.


  • This mineshaft should be tagged as a node with mineshaft_type=winding and headframe=yes.
  • This mineshaft should be tagged with headframe=yes and disused=yes (there are no cables anymore). It can be tagged as a node or better as an area with building=yes.
  • This mineshaft should be tagged with mineshaft_type=winding;air and headframe=no (because it is not visible). It can be tagged as a node or better as an area with building=yes.

It is possible that there is an headframe, which is not used anymore and the mineshaft is currently used only as an airshaft. This should be tagged with headframe=yes, mineshaft_type=air.

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