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Liquor store in Breckenridge Colorado.jpg
A shop selling alcoholic drinks Edit or translate this description.
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A liquor store, a shop selling alcoholic drinks to takeaway.

In some countries they are regulated and licensed by the government. In some countries, the shops are government owned.
These go by different names in different english speaking countries. See #Localized variants

How to Map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Add the tag shop=alcohol. Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name.

Tags to use in combination

To indicate the type of alcohol being sold:

  • drink=* - A suggested tag for marking availability of special beverages
  • drink:wine=yes - For marking the availability of wine, following the above scheme. This might be interpreted to mean it's a wine shop, but technically it only means wine is available.
  • drink:beer=yes - For marking the availability of beer.
  • alcohol=wine - Another tag that have been used to indicate that this alcohol shop is a wine shop (tag chaining)
  • licensed=yes/no - Might be used to indicate whether a shop is government licensed or not (see following note on shop=beverages distinction). Many countries have laws requiring an alcohol shop to be licensed in some way, and so in the absence of this tag it would be safe to say the shop is following local norms.
  • brewery=*
  • distillery=*
  • winery=*

shop=beverages distinction

shop=beverages is an old tag for very similar type of shop. It pre-dated this shop=alcohol tag. Later the documented distinction was to use shop=alcohol for shops which are government licensed or government owned, and shop=beverages for drinks shops which are not government licensed or government owned. However the use of the two tags has always been very overlapping due the earlier lack of clarity in the docs.

shop=alcohol now more clearly encompasses all alcohol shops. licensed=yes could be a clearer way to make the (somewhat minor) distinction about government licensing. See discussion at Talk:Tag:shop=beverages

Localized variants

Alcohol shops go by different names in different parts of the world:

  • Australia : Commonly known as a "bottle shop"
  • Finland : Alko, the spirit monopoly
  • Iceland : Vinbudin
  • Ireland and UK : "Off-Licence" or "Offie"
  • Netherlands : "slijterij", a liquor store.
  • Norway : "Vinmonopolet" the spirit monopoly.
  • Poland : monopolowy, alkohole
  • Quebec : SAQ, Société des Alcools, the spirits quasi-monopoly
  • South Africa : Bottle Shop / Bottle Store common.
  • Sweden : Systembolaget, the spirit monopoly
  • USA : "Liquor Store", "State Liquor Store", "Package Store"

Other similar tags

  • shop=beverages - See above explanation
  • shop=wine - A newly documented tag which is arguably encompassed within shop=alcohol (see drink/alcohol combo tag ideas above)
  • amenity=pub - An establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be drunk on the premises (comfy quiet)
  • amenity=bar - An establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be drunk on the premises (generally noisy, late night, standing)
  • amenity=fuel - For fuelling stations or shops selling tanks of fuel (in some countries this can be alcohol fuel, but that's still the amenity=fuell tag)